“Maybe this is a sign that people on this planet need to “slow down”” - R‘n’B musician Lyne talks to us about music and lock downs

Friday 24th April 2020 | Grace

Coming in strong to the R&B scene with her first three tracks, Lyne is back with her newest single ‘Bipo Feels’, a single about never knowing where you stand in a relationship. The singer-songwriter speaks to us about how the UK music scene has influenced her sound, her advice on love and how she has been coping in this lock down.

Tell us about yourself

I’m Lyne coming from Lynemarie. I am a singer songwriter based in London. I left my parents at 17yo and moved from Belgium to the UK. Initially the plan was for me to only complete a music Diploma at ACM in Guildford and that, just for a year. But here I am 6 years later in London. I have never moved back since and I don’t have a plan to yet.

I have been doing music since young age , with a childhood filled with piano and vocal lessons, dance classes, theatre, and classical music academy. However, it is only since I joined my brother/ producer (who had moved to London before me), that music became a “serious” thing in my life. Since then I never stopped making music with him aka D.E.W.I as well as other producers. I have released 4 singles and now I am excited to release my first EP. As a Belgian, French native speaker I like to include some French touches here and there in my music. Feels like home in a way.

What have you been doing to entertain yourself during the lockdown?

As I am releasing my EP in April, I have been shooting and getting involved in the creative process behind visuals content.

Other than that, I have been working from home, I am the COO of Influenshow (Influencer Marketing Agency) , so when I am not making music; a lot of my focus turns around that. This lockdown was also a time for me to master a few new meals and learn how to do cornrows!

You are Belgium Congolese but are now based in London. How do the R‘n’B scenes differ in these places?

A few years ago I would say that London is a “better place “compared to back home, for my type of sound. Even though it still wasn’t the focus in London in terms of what was popping musically. But now I would say that they are quite similar to be honest. R’n’B is a wave that is coming back slowly but surely and in Brussels as well. I feel like we are entering a music season that will allow my music to get discovered even more.

What are the best parts about having these various countries as part of your life?

I am Belgian, Congolese and Portuguese. I feel like I was built and educated around different cultures and languages in the house which I love. I would say the best part is that I get to have a second home in Portugal and being able to go whenever and visit family is awesome.

How has being in London helped shape your sound?

For me, being in London definitely made me love afro music to another level. My music is inspired from it, and I even define my sound as R’n’B / AfroSoul.

When not on lockdown, what is your favourite thing to do in London?

My favourite thing to do in London, is definitely gigging! Other than that, I love taking walks in the city, get lost, going out with friends and obviously going shopping! There are plenty of vintage stores and I’m an addict.

Where would be your dream location to live and work?

I love London but I must admit I fell in love with NYC the first time I went at the age of 15. I went back a few times since and it’s still a crush. Who knows in a few years’ time? But what I can say is that my time in London is not near over.

Tell us about your new EP “Bipo Feels”

“Bipo Feels” is all about me sharing my times of strong loving for a man as well as confusion and emotions changes. Bipo comes from a saying I use a lot with my friends “Girl, you gonna go through a Bipolar season, but don’t worry”. I believe everyone has experienced intense love for someone, then something comes up and it makes you feel/act totally different. And this from one day to another… A lot of people out there are going through these times of confusion towards someone they love. On a R‘n’B vibe, I lay melodies about my own “bipolar season”

Check out the EP here!

Why did you decide to go for an EP rather than an album?

I wanted to put out a small project with the songs that I wrote during “this confusing time”. As an upcoming artist, it’s is also a way for me to analyse the engagement of my audience around my sound. This is for me the most effective way to show who LYNE is in a four tracks project, in order to get the right amount of attention on each of them, as they all mean something to me.

It’s a very honest EP, how did you find the writing process behind this?

Writing the lyrics of these songs was for me a way to put down some frustration. I am the type that keeps a lot of emotion inside and putting it into words then melodies is such an enjoyable process no matter what is being talked about.

All the tracks on the EP are about your feelings towards one person. It starts out as a love story, has a roller coaster of emotions throughout and ends with a sad twist. You have really put yourself your emotions out there! Why do you think this was an important thing to do?

I don’t just write songs and lyrics, I want my music to touch people who are living similar situations than mine. By being real, and this is for me the best way for my audience to really know me. Also, if I can make even just one person feel better because “ they are not alone/ the only one living such things” then it’s job done.

After all this, do you still believe in love?

I definitely believe in love. I believe God has the right man for all women! Just gotta keep faith for those still waiting to receive him.

What are your tips for dealing with a break-up?

Change your hair, take care of yourself even more and don’t let anything make you think less than who you are.

How has the lock down altered the way you think and feel about things?

Definitely. The world is going crazy and I believe and maybe this is a sign that people on this planet need to “slow down”? I am not sure but what we are living at the moment is definitely a message from above. For me, it’s a time to better myself reflect on life.

What can we expect from you in the future?

More music, more features with artists from Brussels / London and probably some more French songs. I will be performing at the Global12 Festival this summer, so get your tickets!

Check out the EP here!

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