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House | Wednesday 22nd April 2020 | Arren

Amine Edge & DANCE go back to their roots in nour latest playlist.

Amine Edge & DANCE are a duo from France. After catching an official break in 2012 they haven’t looked back. They’ve had the likes of Toolroom, Desolat and Flash Mob rushing to sign them, collaborated with DJ Sneak, held down residencies at Sankeys and Eden in Ibiza - of course not forgetting their own successful label and hip hop collective CUFF popping off.

Just last week they teamed up with Solo Tomas for a killer track, 'Quick and Dirty'. Out on Desert Heart Records, the record diverges from their usual sounds into a more loungey direction. They’ve paired a voluptuous bassline with their keen sense of percussion, luscious chord stabs, and enigmatic vocals. Lo-fi filtering ties it all together, culminating in a sultry composition. wAFF kicks up the energy for his rendition, creating a dancefloor-ready weapon toting an increased tempo and gritty, segmented 303 lines.

Their latest track marks a directional switch back to their roots, and it sounds fresher than ever. Marking the occasion, and delving back into their previous style the pair have sorted us a massive selection of early influences. It’s a cracking load of tunes and will sound perfect in the garden lapping up the sun with a quaratini.

"This small playlist represents some of the tracks that influenced the Amine Edge & DANCE sound in early 2011/2012, and until this day these tracks bring a lot of memories. They are all amazing even today!

'Quick & Dirty' is our first but not last track with Solo Tamas. We were very happy to work with him; he's super talented and effective like us, and we love the uniqueness of this track. It's very deep, but it has a saturated and aggressive sound which gives it a unique touch. Hope ya'll will dig it!" - Amine Edge & DANCE

'Morning Confession' - Lazaro Casanova

This track always works on any dancefloor. It's a UFO—there's no track like this one. It's house with a kind of new wave touch to it, and has had a very big impact on us. We've met Lazaro a few times and have told him that.

'This Feeling' - Puente & Rosch

Miguel Puente & Sishi Rosch were responsible for some major funky, but dark House tune back in 2012. We love them so much! "This Feeling" is, for us, the most incredible track in this genre realm.

'Senualite' - Alex Kaddour & Goiko

This very deep but groovy track is so sexy—we've always loved it.

'New Religion (Marcus Marr Remix)' - Bottin

Marcus Marr did an incredible job on this remix; it pops on the speakers and has such an incredible quality of production.

'Trust (Youandme Remix)' - Pirupa & Bajka

I (Amine) played this one in my first international gig in Nairobi in Kenya before we started Amine Edge & DANCE. It was incredible for me; it was a big festival, and the track always brings a lot of memories.

'She Loves Me' - Lula Circus

Lula Circus, alongside Puente & Rosch, MANIK, etc... were the people whose releases we always waited for and were very excited about. Always incredible and quality.

'City Life (Maceo Plex Remix)' - DJ T. & Cari Golden

Maceo Plex was the new alias of a respected artist called Maetrik, and when he came with his first track we were shocked; it was incredible! He's released bomb after bomb since then. This one is one of our favorites. Very housey, with a happy mood.

'Need Your Loving' - M A N I K

This one is very special; it's low tempo, but the style is that 2012 bass house vibe. MANIK always did his own thing and it was always dope.

'Get This' - Adrian Rodd

Adrian was one of my (Amine) Skype friends; we used to share music and production tips, since Adrian is a very talented artist from Spain. One day he sent me this track, and I was mind blown!

'Is This Something' - Coat of Arms

Ancient project from Eats Everything & Chris James, they were doing bomb after bomb, so sad they stopped. This track was played a million times by us.

'Westbound' - Inxec & Droog

These guys always produce top quality house. This one was released on Crosstown Rebels, which is a label that we look up to. 'Westbound' is subtle, deep and aggressive.

'It Won’t Hurt To See You Gone' - Clockwork

Very sexy record—some will say it's a classic! It definitely is for us.

'Yeah' - Deniz Kurtel & Guests of Nature

Another classic for us alongside her other big hit, "The L World", incredible music.The kind of tracks you can play anytime, anywhere, even still today.

'Improve' - Wildcats & Tboy

Wildkats were an incredible trio including Sandemann that did a remix for us on CUFF. Antonio (Tboy) is a good friend of mine (Amine) from a few years ago. These producers were doing incredible music, and I wish they never stopped.

'That Girl' - Matt Fear

Matt Fear always does great music. This one is a big classic, very dark and classy.

Amine Edge & DANCE’s latest EP Quick & Dirty EP, with Solo Tomas, is out now on Desert Hearts Records - Buy/stream

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