SINE Audio drop huge charity compilation; A SINE of Relief

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 21st April 2020 | Arren

SINE Audio deliver an incredible compilation of slick drum & bass magic, and are giving the proceeds away to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite starting up as a label earlier this year, SINE Audio have pulled together a massive compilation of tunes, and will be donating the money from the release to help society pull through the current Covid-19 pandemic. Entitled 'A SINE of Relief', the album is a whopping 23 tracks from a range of artists, both well-established and some of the scenes fresher faces. They’ve all pulled out serious beats for this one, making this one the best compilations so far this year.

Working on two levels, SINE Audio wants to show how music can help us all pull through these strange times, and also raise money for those that need it. They’ve selected two charities; NHS Charities Together and Mind, as well as helping the artists who contributed to the album. Below SINE Audio explain the two charities:

"The NHS has been put under enormous strain at the moment, with staff and volunteers around the country working extreme hours to compensate for this, ultimately putting themselves at risk to help the most vulnerable. It therefore goes without question that we wanted to raise money for NHS Charities Together."

"Additionally, with an array of mental health issues already affecting such a significant number of people, it is no surprise that the pandemic is having a worsening effect on this. Thankfully, we are living in times that people are learning to open up about these issues without stigma, something that can often be seen within the music industry itself. It was therefore important for us to include Mind as our second charity."

The album itself is amazing. Covering a broad range of sounds and styles within drum & bass. Whether you like your silky smooth liquid, bold bass-heavy stompers, or heads down rolling technical beats - A SINE of Relief has it all and from a variety of artists.

Massive respect to everyone involved in this project, the labels, the artists and everyone who purchases a copy. Not only is the music sick, the proceeds will help those who need it the most right now in this ongoing situation. You can bag yourself a copy via SINE Audio’s Bandcamp.

A SINE of Relief is out now via their bandcamp - Buy


1. 'Hesitate' - Villem feat. Soulful Nature
2. 'Changes' - Marl Dinimal
3. 'Learned Lesson' - Trex feat. Loma
4. 'Does Not Compress' - Wreckless
5. 'Calling' - Kusp
6. 'Sugarpuff' - Qua Rush
7. 'Lonely' - Invadhertz
8. 'Taken' - OB & Kin:etic
9. 'Nucleus' - Waeys & Ceatures
10. 'Fade' - Wingz
11. 'Killeroo' - Objectiv
12. 'Atroden' - Yatuza & Fanatics
13. 'Apologies' - Revan
14. 'The Crafter' - Solace
15. 'Wise Guy' - Subtle Element
16. 'Resilience' - Arkoze
17. 'New World Order' - Simple Technique
18. 'Break Method' - Imprint
19. 'Blood Moon' - Solsan
20. 'Smoke' - Polarized
21. 'Energy' - Kelayx
22. 'Whiplash' - KOAX
23. 'Eastern' - Charlie B

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