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Monday 20th April 2020 | Arren

We’ve got a massive playlist of big bangers from the crazy musical mind of GFOTY, guaranteed to make lock down a little easier.

She’s a British singer/songwriter with a big personality, and a serious raver at heart. Girlfriend of the year, or GFOTY, has put together a selection of her favourite ravey beats she’s been blasted throughout lockdown so far. She’s selected a range of anthems, and we’re really happy with this one.

She’s been busy hosting impromptu karaoke parties on the net, running her label Girlfriend Records and writing up lyrics pumped full of sass and humour. You can catch a glimpse of her style in the recent track she worked on with Laz Perkins and Rony Rex, 'Mile High'. A cheeky house track which is big, bold and incredibly catchy! It landed on March 27th on Youth Control Records and sees GFOTY injecting her style of fun into the track with an amazing set of lyrics.

Speaking behind her inspiration for the lyrics GFOTY said: "I've always been fascinated with pilots and why anyone would want to control a terrifying engine of doom for the rest of their lives. I’ve equally always had a love flying because it means I'm so far away from the people I hate, and I’m also a bit freaked out about anyone who would want to have sex in an airplane toilet. I'd love to marry a pilot one day because we wouldn't have to hang out a lot and he'd have lots of money…"

She’s featured 'Mile High' with a whole host of other bangers from drum & bass/jungle, garage and all the greatness in between. A proper party packed playlist, so strap those speakers down, and blast these out as you’re all cordially invited into CLUB GFOTY.

"Hey! GFOTY aka Girlfriend of the year here! We’re all stuck at home in our (mostly) underwhelming living areas. In the daytime, it’s a safe haven where I watch daytime TV and send emails whilst I do the occasional 30-second squat as a means of working out. In the evening I shut the curtains, dim the lights, make myself a Tequila Sunrise and then put on some sick music to turn my house into the sickest club in the world: CLUB GFOTY. Here’s a selection of songs I play to really get the rave going. xox" - GFOTY

'Dutty Wine' - Tony Matterhorn

This incredible song brings me back to when I was like, 15, and thought I was a really sexy dancer, so I like to play this to make me feel young and full of vitality again. I’m actually the world’s worst dancer, but who cares when you’ve got the Dutty wine to make it all okay.

'I Am The Champion' - GFOTY

This is my epic banger, so obviously I have to party hard to this all the live long day. Play this at your indoor lonely rave and you will feel lonely no more AND you will feel like a champion because you are one!

'Gotta Be A Better Way' - Squire of Gothos

Squire Of Gothos are SICK! To be honest, I would’ve put all my ten tracks as Squire Of Gothos songs but that would be unfair on all the other songs I’ve chosen. Anyway, listen to Squire Of Gothos.

'Fairyland' - Francesco Vetta

Great hardstyle anthem! Makes me feel powerful and beautiful at the same time, just like a fairy.

'We Are One' - Pitbull feat. JLO & Claudia Leitte

Pitbull always gets on to any playlist I ever make, he is the coolest man known to the human eye. Wow, I wonder what he’s doing in this lockdown, probably smoking a fat cigar and chilling with a sexy woman in a jacuzzi or something like that. Wish I was there…

'Mile High' - Rony Rez & Laz Perkins feat. GFOTY

Rony Rex, Laz Perkins and yours truly (aka me) put out the track of the decade recently! Makes me wanna be on a tropical island drinking sex on the beach with a pilot, but unfortunately I’m stuck at home but this song makes being stuck at home infinity times better!

'21 Seconds' - So Solid Crew

I KNOW ALL THE LYRICS TO 21 SECONDS AND THAT’S A FACT. I play this at every party I go to so I can show off to everyone how sick of a rapper I am!!! Learn all the lyrics too so we can have a battle one day.

'Twist Em Out' - Dillinja feat. MC Skibadee

When I was 13, I got decks for my birthday present because I wanted to be a drum & bass DJ. I never figured out how to set them up, but hey, I can DJ now, so something worked out. This has a powerful energy which makes me thrash about till the early hours.

'Don’t Wanna Know' - Shy FX & T Power & Di & Skibadee

I repeat, I used to aspire to be the sickest D&B DJ known to the eye of the world. It never happened BUT I like to party with this song at my disposal

'Total Eclipse of The Heart' - Bonnie Tyler

This song is fucking sick and I listen to it all the time, but especially great for the end of night when you’re going to bed, but still want to feel euphoric and amazing. It will give you really great dreams too.

Cheeky house banger, 'Mile High' by Rony Rez & Laz Perkins featuring GFOTY is out now on Youth Control Records - Buy/stream

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