Guestlist | Clubs: Receptor

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 14th April 2020 | Arren

Russian drum & bass head, Receptor is the next artist who selects his favourite clubs. 

His selections are on point and have been wisely chosen from his wealth of experience, perfect to add on to our hit list for when the COVID-19 restrictions begin to be lifted. 

As a producer he’s been smashing the game for a years and has recieved fair amounts of praise, he's even been described as Russia's answer to Spor. In recent times he's been busy, locked away in his studio building up an arsenal of drum & bass madness. Now all prepped and ready to launch into the scene, they'll come through the ever-growing Evolution Chamber which, combined by the weight of his work alongside Task Horizon and Magentude, is primed to be shaking things up over the coming years.

The first of these records landed earlier in March this year, and it's one of our favourite tunes so far. He follows the successes of both other groups on the imprint, and delivers a quirky banger enititled, 'Avocado'. Latin guitar riffs and cheeky vocals build up to bouncy but suitable rugged drop which comes in waves, stirring up the energy and ensuring maximum heat on the floors. He slips in video game references and a nod to Adam F's classic '8 Ball', all perfectly fused together with his high-production values that he's become so well known for. The track is out now, you can buy/stream it here.

We haven’t stopped listening to this track since we first heard it, a fantastic piece of music which proves you don’t need to tear up the subs to create a banging drum & bass record. Celebrating its release in March and giving us things to look into when the currently situation begins to improve, Receptor has shared with us 5 of his favourite clubs. All sound like wicked venues and have definitely entered our list of clubs to get ourselves to.

Storm Club - Prague, Czech Republic

I played at Storm Club when I did my first ever European tour and when it was announced many friends told me that this venue was really famous for Drum & Bass events and the crazy crowd. When I was there and before I played, I remember looking out into the crowd and the whole layout, and atmosphere really took me aback. The Czech people really love partying and their Drum & Bass and it definitely showed!

Arena Moscow - Moscow, Russia

This venue will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the venue where I played some of my first bookings at and also held events such as World of Drum & Bass. Unfortunately Arena Moscow is now closed… I miss this place very much.

Reactor - Minsk, Belarus

The events at Reactor in Minsk were always amazing and I am always really happy every time I was booked to perform here before its unfortunate closure. Not only are there really amazing and friendly people in Minsk, it is very rare that ‘big artists’ are booked to perform there, so when they do, they welcome and appreciate you so much and it shows through their warm hospitality.

Tele Club - Ekaterinburg, Russia

Tele Club was very well known for hosting Pirate Station events there and is almost impossible to describe unless you have been there to experience it for yourself. The best way I can describe it is that it looks like and old airplane converted into a venue. The atmosphere is really underground and with the layout of the venue, the sound literally cascades from the from to the back. It is so unique and I have never performed in a venue like this.

Cosmonaut - Saint Petersburg, Russia

The crew at Saint Petersburg’s Cosmonaut club are some of the most incredibly professional crews I have ever had the pleasure to encounter. It was the first big venue I ever performed at in Saint Petersburg and I have performed there many times so have a great relationship with the guys and throughout the years they have always tried to push the boundaries. The sound system is perfect and one of the best I have played on.

Receptor’s latest release, Avocado is out now via Evolution Chamber - Buy/stream

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