“You could write a movie on my life!” New York hip-hop artist Warren Wint certainly has a story to tell

RnB/Hip Hop | Thursday 9th April 2020 | Grace

After gaining half a million views on YouTube, Warren Wint has been working with some of the top names in the music world. This rapidly rising hip-hop star is going from strength to strength. He stopped to tell us about how the bad parts of his life have influenced the good, why it’s important to support women, and of course, all about his new track.

Tell us about yourself and your music?

I speak for those who was afraid of speaking out about how they feel. While life’s history repeats itself, the one thing that truly makes us unique is our perspective and combining that theory with the foundations of music I grew up on such as Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Gospel, Reggae, Dance, Pop, it’s evident that the music comes from a genuine place.

How has growing up in New York shaped you as a person?

This is known as the birthplace of hip hop so it’s a blessing in that regard. Can be taken as a curse ‘cause we are known to the world on the outside looking in. So, the bar is automatically set high while the desire to be popular is evident. So many people aspire to make it here and being from I never take that for granted. It’s where I had most of my firsts. Most of my lost. My gains. It’s special to me.

New York has a reputation for being a very alive place. What experiences do you have that are unique to the city?

Something is always open, somebody is always up! Haha. A party goes on EVERYDAY. Truly the city that never sleeps and the place so nice it’s named twice!

What key moments have changed your life in general?

My brother dying, going thru that as a kid and living with being survivor of being suicidal gave me new-found strength from being young! My best friend dying from a car accident, becoming a father, being arrested. You could write a movie on my life!

Your music mostly focuses on hip-hop but with aspects of soul, gospel, pop and poetry thrown in. Who have been the biggest influences in your sound and why?

Michael Jackson, Sade, Drake, Tupac and Jay-Z. All of them represent consistency as well as innovation, elevation and domination in some way. Couldn’t have any better influences!

Hip-hop is one of those genres that is timeless at the same time as always changing as music develops in general. When is your favourite era for hip-hop and why?

My favorite era of hip hop is the 00s and only because that’s when things started really elevating and making Hip-Hop mainstream and the phenomenon It is today!

What advice do you give to people trying to make it on the scene?

Never stop! The worst thing you can do is put your time, energy, finances and resources into your dreams your goals and see NOTHING. You keep going, you WILL find your way!

Tell us about your new track The Whole 9?

The song takes its cue from the classic phrase ‘the whole nine yards’, which typically means everything you could possible want or have or ‘the whole package’ as I would say. It’s a tribute to boss women, and on the flipside, boss men as well, because these days, we all want to be with people that can be more than just a fun night, and who can bring something to the table. Musically, I wanted to do something that showed you could still have fun with rap music, I wanted the track to feel familiar, while remaining uniquely me!

Check out the track here on Spotify!

You have previously said the song is a homage to the boss women. Do you think that in society in general women are still facing problems with inequality?

Of course! Women are more innovative today than ever and it’s important to recognize that they know It too! Nothing wrong with praises our Queens!

How do you think people of influence, like you, can do to help bring equality to women?

Promoting our women better. Follow their direction. Guys could say whatever they want but truth be told, our lives in someway involve or even at times surround a woman!

What is your favourite track off your new album Father’s Favorite?

That’s hard! Everyday I got a new favorite lol. I honestly in this moment would probably say W.W.B.D which stands for What Would Beyoncé Do featuring my brothers L4L produced by my sister V-Notes. I think it’s the biggest record of this project and will impact in a way that exemplifies the power of influence a woman can have!

What was it like working with Othellobeats to produce the album?

Shoutout to Othello from Philly! He actually produced 3 on there. My sister V-Notes is the co-executive producer and she’s produced 3 as well alongside The Whole 9 which would be 4. I love working with the elite! And I truly consider them both as top-notch producers that need to be paid attention to!

What does the rest of the year hold for you?

More music, more videos, more shows, more success! I’m just looking to have an all-star year this year and I’m just getting started! Thank you for the love, Shalom!

Check out the 'The Whole 9' here on Spotify! and find out more about Warren Wint on his Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.