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House | Thursday 2nd April 2020 | Arren

Sorting us a killer selection of tunes this time is Rob Made with a fine choice of banging beats which have helped inspire him.

From working at London’s record distributors AMATO to travelling the world spinning tracks, Rob Tabor has always followed his love. Better known as Rob Made, he's label manager of Sleazy Deep and the iconic Champion Records. His passion for house music was enginited when he began picking records in the warehouse and being a runner for React Records; all of which has lead him to being a key figure in house music’s modern scene.

It wasn't long before Rob’s passion took him from the warehouse to heart of London’s club scene. He was resident at many venues including; The Cross, Egg Ldn and Key Club. Over ten years he worked the warm-up and graveyard sets, not forgetting his early morning cross over day parties as one half of 2’s Company.

These days he’s flying solo and him and his label’s sound have picked up serious traction. Performing gigs across the world from Brazil, Siberia, Detroit and all over Europe. He’s also been making a lot of noise as a producer, with stacks of high quality, modern house music under his belt.

He’s adds another gem to his growing back catalogue of tunes today with his incredible take on Sunscreem’s 1992 classic Perfect Motion. Featuring a fresh vocal, 90s house energy and low pitched R&B vibes; Rob Made's fixed up a juicy remake. His modern take on this classic will sound bliss this summer, whether that be at your mates BBQ or the beachfront of Ibiza.

To celebrate its release he’s put together this wicked selection of tunes. Speaking on his choices Rob said: "I decided to look back at the golden era for this deep and sexy house sound which was first made popular last decade around 2012 with its pitched sampled vocals and slow groove. That was a huge year for myself as I created Rob Made and my Sleazy Deep label, riding this wave of sound which saw me travel the world. I’ve also included some more recent pop music / curveballs that’s inspiring new productions".

'Ride It' - Regard

The reason I made ‘Perfect Motion’. I first heard this on the radio in the car and instantly looked it up, wondering if it was new or old (more on that later). After discovering it was a new record by a 20-year-old using this sound I’m very familiar with, bringing it to the masses in a huge way with over 400 million streams, it made me think what can I make in my old sleazy style.

'If Your Girl Only Knew' - Finnebassen

Finnebassen is probably the main originator of this super sexy sound (for me). When I first heard this, it was on repeat in my sets and at home.

'Get Free (Adriatique Rework)' - Major Lazer

I just absolutely love this rework from Adriatique. At the time, they were on Solomun’s mighty Diynamic label and this went out as a free download, amazing use of pitched vocals and powerful emotion. Huge!

'Gone' - Charlie XCX & Christine and the Queens

First curveball here. I just love the vocals and the deep sexy bass. The production has an amazing vibe that reminds me of Prince (R.I.P.) and his infamous 80’s snares.

'Something Special' - Miguel Campbell

I started my Rob Made alias and Sleazy Deep label after this record came out. I just loved this new sexy sound and just had to join in. I made a record called ‘You & Me’ that was based on this with a different vocal. Miguel got in touch and asked for a 12” to be sent to him - I still to this day praise him for hammering my track as it brought a lot of attention to myself and the new label. He always loved to drop my track as people thought it was ‘Something Special’, yet You & Me came on instead, haha.

'Bad Boys Cry' - Mark Lower feat. Scarlett Quinn

So back to Regard, I thought I knew it because of this track, surely Regard’s inspiration to ‘Ride It’?

'After All' - Daniel Fernandes

This is a huge record on my label Sleazy Deep with near on 40 million views (not bad for an underground label). Classic sleazy with its deep sexy groove, reverbed claps and a sampled pitched down pop vocal. I won’t say what it is here, just listen. You’ll know it!

'Now I’m In It' - Haim

Curveball number 2. Love the production on this from Haim and its nostalgic sound, slightly Italo with huge machine gun claps & snares and that super sexy feel.

'Stupid Love' - Lady Gaga

Final curveball here with Lady Gaga and the producers behind this great record, ‘Stupid Love’. Tchami and BloodPop’s use of 707 drums with that super Italo bass is just amazing. It’s a massive pop record from Lady Gaga who’s on fire here as per. I’ve got a remix coming up for Champion soon using this vibe (so watch out).

'Perfect Motion (Boys Own Mix)' - Sunscreem

Finally, all credit where credit is due. A huge thanks to Sunscreem for allowing me to recreate their timeless classic. It’s hard to believe the Boys Own Mix was made back in ’92 which was my inspiration for this remake. Made famous via Sasha & Digweed’s first Renaissance album and has to be one of my all-time favourite 12” records in my collection (which is rather large!)

Rob Made’s latest tune, 'Perfect Motion' is out now on Champion Records - Buy/stream

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