Cub Sport's newest track represents love in its most beautiful form

Thursday 2nd April 2020 | Grace

For those who fell in love with their last single ‘Confessions’, Australian pop-indie collective have just released their latest track ‘Drive’, a beautiful ‘I’m not crying, you are’ love song that brings a much needed moment of happiness to the listener. This is the second single to be released from their forthcoming album ‘Like Nirvana’ which is out in July (a changed release date due to Covid-19).

Drive, a peaceful, yet perky song, has recently been played on BBC Radio One and their previous track, Confessions has also received much praise from international music magazines. On discussing Drive, Tim Nelson, the band’s lead singer, says,  “Recognising the magic of life while it’s happening is something really special and that’s what Drive is to me; capturing that feeling. It’s a love song saying, “You’re a dream and I still can’t believe you give a damn about me.”.

The video to this brilliantly crafted track reflects on Cub Sport’s honest and raw style of signwriting.  We see a playful, cute and softer side to the band as Nelson and their partner make fake videos, sing to each other, dance and daydream using ‘home-made’ and indie style film techniques. In doing this, they bring back the reality of what being in love really means, away from the cheesy and constructed representation we are used to seeing in music videos.

For those that also found Gal Gadot and Co’s version of ‘Imagine’ as cringy as, well, a load of rich and famous celebs singing their arses off telling people not to worry about having possessions… need to know that Cub Sport have performed a parody of the song through a special rendition of 'Untouched' by The Veronica's. The song also features Vance Joy, Ruel, G Flip, Mallrat, Jack River, Tkay Maidza, and many others. Check out the video for this here.

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