The Ozone layer shows signs of self healing

Friday 27th March 2020 | Grace

The Ozone layer, the protective shield around the earth’s stratosphere, is showing positive signs of self-healing, a new study coming from the scientific paper Nature has revealed.

The Ozone layer works by absorbing the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, something which if hits life on earth causes problems such as skin cancer and significantly heats up the earth. Without the layer protecting the earth, there is no way that any life can survive on the planet. So, this is great news in the fight against climate change.

Holes in the Ozone layer are caused by CFCs going into the atmosphere and breaking down the protective layer in the stratosphere. The most common cause of “holes” are CFCs from aerosols, pollution and plastic.

In discussing the news, Antara Banerjee, a CIRES Visiting Fellow at the University of Colorado Boulder, lead author of the study, told The Independent, “We found signs of climate changes in the southern hemisphere, specifically in the air circulation patterns” 

“The jet stream in the southern hemisphere was gradually shifting towards the south pole in the last decades of the 20th century due to ozone depletion. Our study found that movement has stopped since 2000 and might even be reversing. The pause in movement began around the same time that the ozone hole started to recover,” Banerjee continued.

This great news comes at around the same time it is being discovered that the Covid-19 lockdown is having a positive environmental impact around the world. Due to the reduced amount of transport and people staying inside, pollution is clearing up and green house gas emissions have fallen – one good thing to come from this terrible virus that has swept the world.