Guestlist | Playlist: Braxton

House | Thursday 26th March 2020 | Arren

Braxton delivers a smashing playlist.

Helping fight the boredom of quarantine, Braxton has shared with us a playlist of top notch tunage to blast out. The British DJ/producer has been making waves with his musical style, which lead to support from BBC Radio 1 tastemakers Pete Tong, Danny Howard & Mistajam, with releases on Anjunadeep and MTA.

He was also propelled onto the club circuit with appearances at fabric, The Arch and The Nest alongside huge acts including Cristoph, Yotto and John Monkman. His fresh house sound rapidly picked up speed in 2019 and in 2020 he’s set to continue that trend.

Last week he made his debut on Colorize with the magnificent EP, Clockworks. Soothing, uplifting vibes ooze out of all three songs making this an EP which promises magical moments on a big system. Hypnotic grooves and smooth melodies with a stark attention to detail, it’s no wonder it received early support from titans such as Sasha, Richie Hawtin and Icarus.

Celebrating its release last week and providing more feel good energy to our playlists at this trying time, Braxton has picked out five incredible tracks for our latest playlist. He’s picked out some proper bangers so lock yourself in with Braxton!

'93 Til Infinity' - Souls Of Mischief

One of the most underrated records when it first came out. It peaked at number 72. SEVENTY-TWO!?!. Mental. One of the greatest hip-hop records of all time and a great example of ‘how to sample and not sound rubbish’.

'Everything You Do Is A Balloon' - Boards Of Canada

This is where it all started, BoC pretty much shaped my youth. It’s funny to think how different my life could have been if I never picked up this record. I’d probably have more money in my pocket but i’d be miserable as fuck.

'Perception' - Cass & Slide

First time I heard this was on the Sasha GU013 compilation which is still hands down (up?!) the BEST compilation/album ever. Every track is timeless. And this is an absolute classic. Right now I’m reading YouTube comments from people talking about how they first heard this at “Twilo in 2001” and it’s sending shivers down my spine.

'Kowloon' - Braxton

It feels ridiculous to put one of my own tracks in here alongside all this stuff BUT - This track was a bit of a wake up moment for me - I’m my own worst critic and never know if people are into what I write but I played this at my Fabric show a few years ago and everyone went absolutely nuts. It was a real eye opener and gave me so much confidence to keep going.

'No Dancers (Adam Port Remix)' - Cubicolor

Cos it’s playing right now as I’m writing all this. And it’s exceptional.

Braxton’s latest EP Clockwork is out now on Colorize - Buy/stream

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