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Drum and Bass | Monday 23rd March 2020 | Arren

Leotrix shares his top 5 clubs following the beastly Gremlin EP.

Leotrix is an Australian producer and DJ who hits the bass levels hard in his heavy take on dubstep. He’s recently just dropped a monster EP, entitled Gremlin. It’s made up of 6 rough and ready tracks which are sure to cause serious dents to your speakers at home. Coming out through Never Say Die's Black Label, it's just the latest incredible works from Leotrix as he continues turning heads in the dubstep scene.

Speaking about the release Leotrix said on Twitter the EP concept had two sides.

He kicks off the EP with 'ODE to Perth' a glitchy dubstep stomper. 'Neo Gangster' speeds things up and shreds the bassline with one blunt snare. Computer beeps build up to a chaotic drop in 'Sick Buddies' before handing over to 'Chipiez Deeper' with Lanki which chucks out some seriously head spinning glitches. 'Flinch' is an upfront dubstep smasher guaranteed to cause a mess. Finishing off is the VIP of 'Hive Bounce' which goes mad heavy with the glitches. The release came out last week on Never Say Die Black Label, you can listen/buy here.

Following the EPs release last week we got Leotrix to share with us his top 5 favourite clubs. He’s given sick selection of venues in Australia and Japan. Definitely ones to get to when the current situation is over.

World Bar [RIP] - Sydney, Australia

Back in 2017, I got my first offer to play a headline set at a club event in Sydney called The Wall which was held at the infamous World Bar every Wednesday night. The guys at The Wall were always on a mission to bring out these insane up and comers and underground talent. I saw so many fucking awesome shows at this place. I saw What So Not, Holly, Dirty Audio, Macky Gee, Herzeloyde, Blanke just to name a few. They would have these teapots which they filled with some different cocktails they made there and they were the best! Was always so fun and wholesome getting to the club early, meeting up with other producers and friends of mine and having some tea time. Sadly, World Bar got shut down. But fortunately, The Wall are still kicking and have been running some cool events still.

Womb - Tokyo, Japan

Back in December, I got the chance to fly to Tokyo, Japan with my girlfriend and play at this club in Tokyo called Womb. I played in this smaller room inside the Womb nightclub called the Womb Lounge. When I got to this club at about 11pm on the night of my set, people were head banging and moshing consistently until 4am. It was actually nuts how crazy the crowd was when I got there. When I played, the stage was starting to fall apart from people going nuts and I had to plug the power back into one of the CDJs at one point. It was super fun playing there. They all knew the melodies to Hive Bounce and my unreleased remix of Hive Bounce, Tokyo Bounce which I made for my set in Tokyo. It was crazy hearing them sing along.

Chinese Laundry - Sydney, Australia

The day after my 18th birthday, QUIX was playing Chinese Laundry. It was my first time at this club and from what I'd seen in all the videos of this place, I knew I was in for something special. I remember when this one tune started creeping and it was Space Laces - Overdrive. At the time, this tune was unreleased so hearing it in person for the first time was so amazing. I lost my fucking shit! If you love dubstep, it is essential that you visit Chinese Laundry at least once.

The Court - Perth, Australia

Massive courtyard vibes at this place. I'd seen some friends play sets there from previous trips I did to Perth. It has this big courtyard vibe and this balcony where people overlook everything going on stage and in the crowd. I finally got to play there myself last month and it was so crazy! I managed to pull off a stage dive at the very start of my set but I remember as soon as I got lifted back to the stage, the management of the venue came up to me and they were super pissed off and told me I'm not allowed to stage dive. I didn't stage dive again during that show but ah well. The rest of the show was awesome from there. Perth love their bass music. And I love Perth.

Ivy - Sydney, Australia

The club is quite similar to the The Court with its courtyard vibes. I remember playing there for the first time supporting Getter in 2018. That show was so wild. But the last time I played there was last year for an event called Courtyard Party which I played alongside Trampa, Oski, Gemunji and Slumberjack. I managed to do like 7 stage dives during my set which was pretty ridiculous. Probably too many stage dives. One really cool moment was bringing up my homie LANKI up on stage with me and playing our collab "Make Death". I love looking back at the videos from that night.

Leotrix's latest EP, Gremlins is out now on Never Say Die Black Label - Buy/stream

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