Same Again is a powerful track about toxic repetitive behaviour

Monday 23rd March 2020 | Grace

Performing with smooth vocals whilst building a slow, effortless, jazz and soul sound, Char is back with her newest single Same Again. The track comes after the release of her critically acclaimed debut single ‘Control’, a song that received high praise from global radio stations and music critics alike.

Mixing together modern pop sensibilities, soul and strong undertones of warm R&B, Same Again is a self-reflective piece about: “the cyclic repetitive behaviour we often find ourselves trapped in, not considering the effects of doing the same thing again and again, and expecting a different result – whether it’s going back to that one person time and time again, or repeating the same night out over and over again. The track is a bit of hard nudge for me, but there’s also a self-soothing aspect to the track, where I’m saying ‘let’s not beat ourselves up too much’, because life is already tricky enough to navigate through as it is”.

Char’s musical endevour not only brings forth a strong and melodic voice, but throughout the song, hints of her  Berkshire accent can be heard, making the ballad stand out in its genre. Working with long-time collaborator Roots Manuva, as well as being mixed/mastered by Jarrad Hearman,(who has worked with the likes of Sinead Harnett, Nadia Rose, and Katy B) has pushed the Same Again singer to develop her hypnotic sound.  

After being an early adopter to Daisie, a creative collaboration platform co-founded by Maisie Williams, Char gathered a women-led creative team to develop the music video for the new single. The ‘Same Again’ visuals were directed by London-based French art director and creative designer Jade Nodinot (BRIT Awards, Armani, Harrods, Rolex), with cinematography by Alexandra Barbareau.

Outside of music, the singer-songwriter has openly discussed her struggles with mental health and because of this, has founded her own charity known as Mad Millennials. This is a charity aimed at young people going through the same issues as her to let them know they are not alone in the way they are feeling.

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