Despite her meloncholic sound, Lilac Spirit says: “I’m a positive vibe spreader”

Friday 20th March 2020 | Grace

As a way of dealing with her inner conflicts, bedroom pop singer Lilac Spirit wrote and released the enigmatic single Nothing Is Real, the latest track from her new EP. At just 18 year’s old, the singer songwriter has already done an amazing amount with her life, including living across Europe, studying, and starting a music career. We spoke to her about how she keeps grounded, her life advice and how she came up with such a great name!

Tell us about yourself and your music?

Hellooo, I’m Stacy and even though my music can seem a bit melancholic, people who know me outside of my music know that I’m a positive vibe spreader. I manage to stay positive even when I experience something distressing. I just think hey, this life is given to us just once, why waste time not enjoying it? I embrace every feeling and emotion I experience. Although this leads me to think too deep into some things, I end up writing unique lyrics to my songs. They are what I emphasise in my songs and they derive from occurring circumstances in my life. I am exposing my mind in my music. I hope that it helps the listener find something in my words that they can relate to but didn’t know how to express. I hope my music evokes feelings and leads the listener to a train of thoughts that in turn leads to a useful reflection on their own experiences.

What motivates you to get up in the mornings?

The idea of never knowing how exactly the day will go. You might have an approximate plan, but you never know how exactly you are going to experience it.

So basically, my curiosity :)

You are based in Berlin and are from Ukraine, how do all these places influence your music?

Even though my life is happening in Berlin now, I still go to Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine and my birthplace) a lot. I still have a lot of friends there and I keep meeting new people both in Berlin and in Kyiv, keep making new memories. All that leads me to reflections and, therefore, inspires me.

How do you develop your sound in general?

I work with sound producers who catch my vibe and once they develop a first draft of the beat, we discuss further ideas and implementations. I trust the creativity of the people I work with. We combine our visions and create something delightful together.

Lilac Spirit is a very cool name, is it a stage name and if so, why did you choose this name?

Yeah, it is a stage name! :) I remember I was inspired by my "spiritual flower" lavender. I don’t remember how exactly I came up with this name, I was 14. But I still like it a lot!

Tell us about your new track ‘Nothing is real’?

Well… it’s meaningful. I don’t like writing songs without meaning or no idea being conveyed. I started writing this song 3 years ago and at first, it was about something else. Then I left it in my lyric book for quite a long time with only a few lines being written. I think it was two years later that so many things were happening in my mind that I thought “Is it even real what I am thinking about? Are the thoughts real?”. I then stumbled upon this song that I started and realised that the melody was perfect for my ideas. And that evolved into this nice little song.

You have previously mentioned that the song is about reality and what life really means, with this in mind, what is your life advice?

It is more about the importance of letting go when things in your mind pile up and you stop responding to what is actually out there in the real world. Since I am kind of an existentialist and absurdist, my life advice would be: stop looking for meaning, create your own.

How did you think of the video?

It was so much fun to shoot! I am grateful for working with Ubik and his team. He always gets my ideas and always creates something extraordinary. I am happy about how it turned out!

Being 18 and having a music career is an amazing thing! How do you keep grounded?

I am focusing more on studying right now in order to get my high school education diploma. It is important for me because I want to proceed with getting a Bachelors’s Degree in Songwriting. I would honestly say that my music career is just starting.

What does 2020 hold for you?

Whatever comes, this year will definitely teach me and change me a lot.

Check out more of about Lilac Spirit on her Instagram, Facebook and her website.