"I don't want to spread coronavirus but I'd still love to party" A global virtual house party is happening tomorrow!

Thursday 19th March 2020 | Grace

With coronavirus quickly spreading across the world, the government has advised that where possible, people stay inside and self-isolate. This will help stop the spread of infection it and means that anybody who may be a carrier or is showing signs will not pass it onto anybody else.  The obvious knock on effect from people not going out into the world is that shops are closing, clubs are empty, and the partying has stopped.

Or has it?

To fight the blues and come together, all be it digitally, skiffle-pop band Thrill Collins are putting together a virtual house party which they will live stream from one of their houses. The event will be happening tomorrow night (20th March) and is just one of many virtual house parties happening globally.

Robbie Pert, vocalist and guitarist said, “We wanted to have a good old knees-up and use the evening to bring everyone together with a shared sense of community and a love of 12- minute garage medleys. After all global pandemics should not be a barrier to responsible partying.”

To keep up spirits and help-out even more during this time of isolation, the band are also working alongside charities Coppafeel, Youth Music & Reverse Retts to raise some money for great causes whilst still having fun.

The live event will be happening on Facebook and YouTube.

Thrill Collins will also be performing at this year’s Wychwood Festival, which you can find out more about on Twitter and Instagram.