Guestlist | Clubs: Adred

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 18th March 2020 | Arren

Adred shares his top 5 favourite clubs.

Despite the huge issues facing the dance music industry in recent times, we should still remember the best clubs and venues and prepare for the greatest parties in our time when they are re-opened again. So with more pleasure than usual we’ve got a selection of Metalheadz’ Adred’s personal favourite venues.

Early this year Adred dropped an insane debut album on Metalheadz. Entitled KIM, it’s a sonic adventure across 16 jaw dropping tracks. Serious jungle vibes are in full force throughout with dark twists and turns and some of the best drum works we’ve heard in time. Murky basslines and spacey synths guide you through to the very heart of an album that’s so full of personality and emotion.

Packed with only original works and featuring many amazing artists and vocalist including DRS, Commix, Strategy and Jamal - each track has its own story to tell and keeps you on your toes. Definitely an album to add to your playlists and rinse.

Following its release earlier this year we’ve got Adred to share with us his top 5 venues in the world. He’s gone for a NYC vs LDN list and has included tracks which remind of each space. All are top pickings and certainly ones we need to get ourselves into once restrictions are lifted!

Avant Gardner (Kings Hall) - New York, US

One of the best sound systems I've ever heard. I normally don't spend much time on the dance floor these days, but I had to be out there to hear this on a rig!

Webster Hall - New York, US

Love playing this venue in NYC. Big sound system and a historic venue.

Public Records - New York, US

In my opinion it’s the best club in NYC right now. Proper lighting, acoustical treatment and huge custom system. The booth is amazing, a pleasure to mix in.

The Steel Yard - London, UK

I had the pleasure of testing this track out for Dom here. This venue has a monster sound system. Like a wall of sound loved playing here.

fabric - London, UK

Definitely enjoyed going to this club a few years ago. A very important venue for drum and bass as well as all electronic music.

Adred's debut album on Metalheadz, 'KIM' is out now - Buy/stream

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