Buwa opens up about breaking free in his new single

Tuesday 17th March 2020 | Grace

Coming in hot with a smooth, mellow voice and an all-out jazz meets modern R&B feel, Canadian-based Nigerian singer, songwriter and poet Buwa offers up his new single Eminlo. The track is just one of the stand out singles on his recently released EP Olu.

In opening up about the difficulties of breaking free from a hard relationship, Buwa has described the song as being about being able to be strong during bad times. Translating from Yoruba, the title of the song means “I’m leaving” in English. He says: “This track talks about having the strength to finally leave an abusive and toxic relationship. You know it is very hard, but you still can’t find the strength to leave”.

The song has been produced by frequent collaborator SizzlePRO, ‘Eminlo’ who helped create a sound boosted by classic soul saxophone arrangements, light drums and enticing harmonies to create a pop track with a twist of R&B. Collaborating with Vancouver filmmaker Raymond Knight, Buwa created the video for the song to help capture “the personal struggle and anguish it can often take to get out of a toxic relationship, even when you know it’s the best thing for you”.

The multi-talented creative has also just finished leading a stage production of Hairspray and Chicago in Canada and is currently starring in a Jesus Christ Superstar theatre piece in Vancouver.

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