10 tracks which inspire Will Clarke and his explosive sound

House | Wednesday 11th March 2020 | Arren

Will Clarke on the tracks which have inspired him and his sound.

Over the years, Will Clarke has made serious moves in the scene. He’s behind many killer records gracing labels such as Truesoul, ABODE and Sola. Since last year he began spending his time between the UK and the USA and his sound took some darker turns both individually and within side projects alongside Sian and AMOK.

He continues growing this year as he ventures into managing his own label, All We Have Is Now. The label is here to help Clarke break more boundaries with his music and give new artists a space to fully express themselves, aiming to be a go-to imprint for the more vocally driven techno sound. He kicked things off with the banging tune 'U Take Me Higher'. A prime time, hands in the air, grooving techno cut.

Speaking about his new label Will Clarke said: "I wanted to set up a label to express myself as an artist and allow other artists to do the same. For me, it’s always been about melody that really hits me, vocals that give me goosebumps, gets me emotional, and makes other emotional too. And so, I wanted to bring it right back to the roots, getting back to basics."

We’ve asked the acclaimed producer and DJ to delve deep into his crates and select ten tracks that inspire him as an artist. There’s some killer records in here and we can’t wait to hear what’s next from him or his label.

Time - Hans Zimmer

Although this isn’t a dance record it’s one of my all-time favourite tracks. For inspiration on the label a lot came from this with the whole-time concept and living in the now. This record is pretty much the soundtrack to most of my travelling life. I listen to it over and over again on the plane whilst traveling between cities.

U Take Me Higher - Will Clarke

With this being the first release on the label it is a huge inspiration for the start of it. I wanted to create a sound that no one else is really doing vocal and melodic driven techno but not your normal day to day techno. I wanted to create something that has a little more emotion in.

You Got The Love - Candi Staton

This record is my all-time favourite record, brings back lots of amazing memories from when I was a resident in Ibiza playing the sunsets. Also brings back lots of good times with my family.

We Come 1 - Faithless

Faithless is one of the reasons why I make music and am in the music industry, from watching them live when I was 11 years old. I knew from them it’s pretty much all I’ve ever wanted to do.

Electronic Battle Weapon 3 - The Chemical Brothers

The Chems were a huge part of my childhood and only recently go to see them live. I could’ve listed about 20 of their records that have influenced me over the years, but this electronic battle weapon is always a beast of a record to play during my sets. It’s weird and wonderful.

Voodoo People - The Prodigy

This record is a classic as we all know, it was also in one of my favourite films growing up “Hacker”. Love everything the prodigy put out, they stood out from the rest in their time and constantly pushed boundaries in the studio and the live front.

Transient - Mr. G

There is something about this record that just never gets boring, yet it does nothing spectacular throughout the record progression. The vocals carry it through and it’s just an outstandingly beautiful record. It’s a very raw production which is something I try to do in my work, rather than adding too much to my projects I like to keep them very minimal.

Howling (Âme Remix) - Howling

This remix is something that I often listen to when I’m chilling and trying to come up with inspiration, it has a perfect mix of melody and vocals along with a killer groove.

Down (FJAAK Remix) - Ouri

I’ve only recently came across this record but it’s definitely one of my favourite tracks to play in my sets, again it has an insane groove with the drums being mega raw along with the haunting vocal.

Last Time (Jon Hopkins) - Moderat

Moderat are obviously amazing then mix them with Jon Hopkins and you have pure heaven, right? This remix is just something from another planet, every time I listen to it, I am trying to break down each part and then get to the point where my brain is just not ready for that complexity. It’s a beautiful record and is always in my day to day soundtrack.

Will Clarke's latest release 'U Take Me Higher' is out now on his new label, All We Have Is Now - Buy/stream

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