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House | Wednesday 11th March 2020 | Arren

Eluize shares with us her top clubs in the world.

Eluize is a very exciting DJ and producer on the circuit right now. A self-confessed Moonlighter, she channels this pure energy into writing, creating and curating soothing records to soundtrack the hours. Pinpointing it into just techno or house wouldn’t be fair. Sonically her sound traverses them all, from dubby and spacious through euphoric and orchestral to intense and acidic. The end results are time freezing and breathtaking.

The acclaimed Adelaide-born, Berlin-based musician and DJ released an incredible album last year, Confide. She’s set to follow that up with another show stopper, her Drama Suspended EP, due for release on March 27th. Made up of two tracks, 'Drama' and 'Suspended' they're both deep and atmospheric and a shining example of exactly why she’s regarded as an one the most exciting and innovative producers. Once you hear them it's easy to understand why she's got support coming from the upper tiers of electronic music including Laurent Garnier, Perel, and Maya Jane Coles to name but a few.

Eluize is very busy outside the studio too. She’s the label boss of Bermuda Series / Nite Tide and has a hectic schedule with gigs all over. She's resident for Away at Berlin’s renowned ://about blank club and regularly plays at leading venues around the world. It's because of all this, she'll make the perfect person to share the best venues around the world. She's shared her top 5 venues below, and they're all sick.

Sugar - Adelaide, Australia

There’s always something special about playing in your hometown and Sugar is no exception. Driller and his team have made this hideaway a home to forward thinking, free spirited expression through dance music and otherwise since 2002. When I first started spending time at the club it had a record store in the middle of the room, now there’s a curation of local art displayed on the walls. The venue along with an array of promoters host loads of local and international talent to spend time amongst the warm crowd and play on a deluxe custom Condesa mixer in the beautifully tuned room.

://aboutblank - Berlin, Germany

My home away from home in Berlin, ://aboutblank is a politically minded, collective run, photo-free, safe haven with strong ties to the feminism movement. It hosts diverse weekend-long equality forward line ups and a deeply engaged, open minded community of dancers. I’m lucky enough to have residency at AWAY held here and have enjoyed my time on all the floors at all hours. Techno and electro on MDF, house and acid in the lobby, sunshine and double claps in the garden and my highlight, playing the Zelt 6 months pregnant on New Years day in 2018, the pure, uplifting joy on in the room made it one of the best sets of my life.

FOLD - London, UK

Walking into Fold for the first time, I knew I was in for a divinely immersive rave. The club gives you that warehouse energy while maintaining an intimate feeling. The full body sound and lighting are absolutely on point. Playing a fast paced sunrise closing, as light crept in the windows, to an ecstatic, fog laden floor after Jensen Interceptor for the Craigie Knowes showcase last year is a morning I’ll never forget. I hope to be back soon.


We have a no photos policy to protect the diversity that FOLD represents and because we feel it's more important now than ever before to have a space enshrined in the present. Much like an improviser needs a framework in order to improvise, we provide a structure to unplug from the noise and connect to the metaphysical. On the occasion where FOLD releases an event picture the photos are screened to maintain anonymity. These moments have been captured in a very regulated, unobtrusive manner, so as not to break our delicate, sacrosanct dance floor. Of course, we know you want to capture these beautiful moments. But, those that were present: they know, and a thousand words will never be enough.

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Observatory - Ho Chi Minh City, HKG

Obs is another one that brings a smile to my face just thinking about. The location has changed since I was last there but the crew that run and represent the club are definitely people you want to be around. Its last spot was a red lantern lit, jungle palm decorated space with a no shoe policy and tatami mat in the DJ Booth and little hideaway nooks and a balcony overlooking the harbour where you could take a breath from the sweat drenched euphoria of the main space. Open well into the day, it’s a spot for long sets and letting your mind drift in the hypnotics of the dance floor.

Het Magazijn - Den Haag, Netherlands

I get butterflies whenever I hear muffled sub through thick walls, taking stairs down into this kind of basement refuge. Het Magazijn is a romantically cavey, underground spot. Super dark, super sound, welcoming all-nighter sets that wrap you up for idyllic, eyes-closed sessions of reality escape and release.

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