“Confessions feels like an emotional purge" - Cub Sport's new single is a lyrical and musical must listen

Wednesday 11th March 2020 | Grace

In an emotionally raw triumph, proudly LGBTQ band Cub Sport’s new single is captivating, inspiring and paving the way for a new era of experimental electro alt indie. Through its refreshing honesty, Confessions is a track that we can all relate to as it discusses ‘truth’ in how we really see ourselves but can’t always talk about.

From the moment the song starts playing, the soft vocals, visceral guitar and poignant lyrics draw you in until an explosion of energy grabs you in and submerges you a warm and powerful musical embrace. The way the guitars change through the song, accompanied by tender vocals, experimental keyboard and heavy drums, shows how beautifully talented this band really is.

The new single, which was released just last week, follows the successful A-side ‘333’ and is the first single to be taken from Cub Sport’s forthcoming album LIKE NIRVANA which will be released in May.

Cub Scout’s singer, Tim Nelson, says: “Confessions feels like an emotional purge. The lyrics flowed in a stream of consciousness and when I listened back, I realised I’d articulated lots of things I’d been avoiding saying out loud. Musically, it’s really different to anything I’ve written and produced before. It’s gritty, soaring and liberating, you feel it as much as you hear it. I’m hoping this song sets other people free the way it has for me.”

In 2017, Nelson announced publicly he is gay and since, has been exploring the darker side of the psyche that comes alongside living so much of your life in hiding. This has encouraged the band to be open and accepting in their values, embrace gender neutral pronouns and feel more free with their new album. “I am free to follow my heart, free to flow with the energies inside and around me, free to form my own self not built by others” they say.

With over 1.2 million monthly listens and 100 million streams on Spotify, Cub Sport are a symbol self-love, acceptance and LGBTQ pride.

Check out their single and more about the band on their website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.