Guestlist | Playlist: Fabio & Grooverider

Drum and Bass | Friday 6th March 2020 | Arren

We’ve got a huge playlist of classic rave anthems from the Godfathers of drum & bass, Fabio & Grooverider.

They really don’t come bigger than this. This multi-award winning duo have been smashing up the dance for as long as many of us can remember. They’re the Godfathers of drum & bass and are still at the forefront of the UK’s modern musical landscape. Industry heavyweights, fans and artists all readily respect and praise the ongoing influence of the two and many leading artists including Goldie, Calibre, Chase & Status and Metrik cite them as important figures within their own career.

They came together 25 years ago and dance music hasn’t been the same since. Like most London legends they began on pirate radio. Channeling the raw energy of the illegal raves in the late 80s and hammering out the new sound, 'Jungle Techno'. They eventually moved into the club scene and were behind the world’s first weekly jungle party, the infamous Rage.

The influence of Rage knows no bounds. It pushed a new sound to its absolute limits and drew the blueprint for drum & bass, and all its offshoots. Following a massively successful run they both moved into new ventures but retained a close relationship throughout. Grooverider had projects such as his Codename John alias, Grace parties and Prototype Recordings. Whilst Fabio delved into projects, most notably the outlet Speed with LTJ Bukem in conjunction with Groove Connection, eventually becoming Swerve.

Last year marked 30 years since Rage, which was marked with an epic album you can learn more about here.

Despite their own individual projects, they were naturally a killer combination. As time went on they moved back onto the radio together where they dominated the airwaves for over a decade. Shows on BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM, Ministry of Sound and Rinse FM, partnered with their constant sets all over the world and various compilation albums, have all kept the pair at the frontline of drum & bass. Always with their fingers on the pulse - Fabio & Grooverider surpass just being DJs or radio hosts, they are drum & bass in past, present and future.

25 years they’ve been smashing it, and there are no signs of that ending any time soon. They are as busy as ever with plenty of appearances at clubs and festivals, whether that be individually or together. One of the biggest shows they’ve announced so far this year is Outlook Origins festival at the end of July, early August. They’ll perform as part of a huge line up including Goldie, DJ Storm, Shy FX and Hybrid Minds - check Guestlist’s full news on Outlook Origins.

So that’s what makes this week's playlist so special. 10 tracks, iconic and influential tracks, all handpicked by the legends themselves. Musical history lies beneath these words. These are the tracks that switched things up, changed the game - and we can be sure because if anyone would know, it’ll be Fabio & Grooverider.

'We Are I E' - Lennie De Ice

The original game changer, this started it all.

'Terminator' - Goldie & Rufige Crew

We remember dropping this first at Rage .A tune way ahead of it’s time that came & turned hardcore upside down. Revolutionary for being one of the first tracks to use time stretching (the death of sped up vocals)

'Pulp Fiction' - Alex Reece

Minimal Jungle there's never been another track quite like it, will go down in history as one if the greatest jungle /dnb tunes ever.

'Champion Sound' - Q Project

This was a massive game-changer, and alongside We Are Ie was the first ever Jungle record.

'P-Funk Era' - Pascal

So many good memories from this track that redefined an era.

'Music' - LTJ Bukem

LTJ Bukem's seminal track, was the first jungle track that showed emotion.

'Music Box' - Roni Size & DJ Die

One of Roni Sizes best and that’s saying something!

'The Lighter' - DJ SS

This never left our record box back in the day, tune after tune and this one was a firm favourite.

'Alien Girl' - Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce

A massive anthem that came out on Grooverider’s Prototype label.

'Together' - Logistics

From the Liquid Funk era, the track that kickstarted Hospital Records.

Fabio & Grooverider
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online - Facebook - Twitter - SoundCloud - Instagram

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