CHANEY shares what inspires him the most

House | Wednesday 4th March 2020 | Arren

Swindon’s finest, CHANEY shares what inspires him to making those slick house beats he's been dropping.

After blasting into the house game with a sick debut EP #saveswindon, CHANEY hasn’t relieved the pressure. He’s had a slew of top notch releases, all out on the legendary Skint Records. He fired out another banger at the end of February, What U Need, and we can’t get enough of it.

Packed full of feel good energy and old skool vibes, CHANEY injects some proper fun into the mix. Vintage piano chords and cheeky bass bumps, this one sounds direct out of the 90s. On it’s production CHANEY explains; “Now and again, it’s important to remember that making music is meant to be fun, over and above everything. I’ve always loved the simplicity in records like P.P Orange ‘My Feelings’ and Crystal Waters ‘Makin Happy’ - they just make you feel good and instantly connect. From 0.00, you get on your feet and don’t think about it too hard - like a lot of these old school house / rave records. ‘What U Need’ is a selfless tune, for the people.”

His latest track landed on Skint Records last week, you can buy/stream that now. If you like your music fun and primed for the party then this one's definitely for you! It's the latest record out in a continued run of quality house from CHANEY. He's been turning the heads and gaining support from big DJs including Annie Mac, Denis Sulta and The Black Madonna. Following his successes recently we sat him down to ask him to share with us the things that inspire him the most. From Primal Scream to Liam Gallagher, his hometown and the pub - these are all things helping CHANEY make that house magic.

Liam Gallagher

This is probably the perfect opportunity to start talking about something really profound and deep, but I’m not going there... Liam Gallagher is an idol. If I’m ever stuck or feeling shit, I stick on a Liam G best moments compilation video and instantly feel better about life.


My hometown Swindon... A love/hate relationship that makes me feel slightly inspired.


I’m a sucker for any bit of new equipment - synths, guitars, drum machines, soft synths, everything... But I often find that my best work usually comes from a simple idea, using a little gear. That probably won’t stop me from adding to my wish list, but I’m always reminding myself that you don’t need a lot to make something amazing.

'Screamadelica' - Primal Scream

One of my all-time favourite albums, coming from a rock and roll background moving into the world of dance - it’s an inspiring work of art. From a song writing perspective through to Andrew Weatherall’s confidence and ability to reimagine a piece of music - it gives me the balls when I don’t have any.


Where I spend a fair bit of time making music alone, I’ve been lucky enough to have solid company surrounding me. Producers, family, girlfriend, friends - they all love music, and good music. My parents have a tonne of records that I love. I’ve got plenty of people I can play new stuff to, and I really value their opinion. I work with some great people too. The learning never really ends.


Usually when I come back from watching a new band/artist, or going out seeing a DJ I haven’t caught before, brings a lot of inspiration. I try to go to as much as I can (although needing to try a bit harder) - because I’ll always take something away from it.


Where I absolutely love the world of SoundCloud and Spotify, it’s so accurate every week to exactly what I want (almost without me even having to try) - I get clogged up with SO much good music. I have always loved digging through YouTube or records and finding a gem, though it takes a bit more time and effort - I usually find I’ll end up with 6/7 amazing new tracks that will stay with me rather than 20/30 songs where I didn’t have to properly try and find.

Stepping away from the DAW

Coming from a live music background, I’ve been lucky enough to know how to play quite a few instruments well. Staring at a computer screen for hours on end is a reality for a lot of producers, but when I find myself doing too much of that - I try to make the effort to step away... Pick up an instrument, tap some keys, or press some buttons on a machine.

Taking a break/Not taking life too seriously

I normally find taking a break from time to time is helpful. I’ve lost a lot of time getting really hung up on something I’m working on, start questioning who I am and where I want to be. That’s sometimes great, but not all the time. Live a little and get off your high horse!

The Pub

I love the pub, I fucking love it.

CHANEY’s new track 'What U Need' is out now on Skint Records - Buy/stream

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