Guestlist | Playlist: SyRan

Drum and Bass | Thursday 27th February 2020 | Arren

This week we’ve got a murderous list of drum & bass smashers from RAM’s hot new brothers, SyRan.

These two lads have been smashing it recently. Signing with RAM not too long ago, they’ve been unleashing face melting tunes that have been ripping up the dancefloors. They were snatched up following a demo submission for Andy C’s Nightlife series. The track, ‘Paradigm’ caught RAM’s attention and the rest is history.

The brothers hot take on drum & bass has been turning heads for all the right reasons. DJ support stretches all the way to the upper echelons of the scene with Andy C rinsing their latest release ‘Telepathy’. That new track, dropping today, is a beefy blaster. Foghorn bass, junglist drums and a cheeky old skool throwbacks - it’s a prime time banger that’s more than ready to trash the floors.

Celebrating their third chapter with RAM, we got the brothers to fix up a playlist any boy they haven’t let us down. They’ve compiled ten absolute stinkers just in time for the weekend. Screw your speakers down for these as they all bang, hard.

'Illusions' - Calyx

The long eerie build up which makes you unsure what is about to happen. Then that reeselinekicksinand it makes you either, throw a chair or shout “PHWOAR!”

'Stand Alone' - S.P.Y feat. DRS

Classic S.P.Y sounds. Rolls along nicely with the terrorist-sampled bass and the jungle breakbeats.The DRS vocal is the icing on the cake.100% vibes.

'Dirty Bitch' - Mr Explicit

For us, this was one of those 2012 bangers from an artist at the time we had not really heard of. For some weird reason that wobble bassline sounds like you’re getting smashed over the head with a pipe, and that is a good thing!

'Be There' - Loadstar

Are you a badman? The call & response effect of the basses plus those wonderful rolling jungle breaks, makes this tune one we always draw for in our sets. We’ve played this on big rigs and it’s one that shakes right through you.

'Apache' - Survival & Silent Witness

No SyRan selection is complete without an amen tune. What more do you need when you’ve got lush strings,vocal phrases and smooth vibes that turn into dirty bass drops, rough amen break choppage and the apache congas!

'Loud & Nasty' - Wickaman & SuddenDef

Does what it says on the tin. It’s loud. It’s nasty. If you haven’t heard it before, all we can say is strap in. Definition of a facemelter!

'The Fire (Rah!) (Stray Remix)' - Danny Byrd feat. General Levy

Probably some of the best ever amen edits, period. If the drums don’t blow your mind, then the super low frequencies of the bass will frazzle it. A true sound system banger.

'More Than You’ll Ever Know' - Phil Tangent

We started out producing liquid, so this track from Phil Tangent captures the liquid sound beautifully. It peaks and troughs seamlessly with subtle changes throughout and is perfect for heading out to the rave.One of our go-to tunes to open with.

'Cypher' - Soul Intent & Ben Repertoire

We’ve caught up with Soul Intent over the last few years from meeting attheClashmouth labelmarket events. Industrial sounding, techy dnb. Middle of the set vibes when you want to switch things up and get some serious bass face reactions.

'Paradigm' - SyRan

Shameless self-promotion to finish! The more we play it, the more double drops we find, and the more we dance around to the bass hits! If you catch us playing this, keep an eye on Josh: Guaranteed air piano!

SyRan's latest release ‘Telepathy’ is out now on RAM Records - Buy/stream

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