End of The Century - LFF 2019 - Review: "Existential Queer Love Story"

Other | Thursday 27th February 2020 | Francesco

This week the Argentinian queer movie, End of the Century has hit UK cinemas. We had the chance to watch it during the London Film Festival, and there is much to say about this complex story of love over time!

The story follows two guys, in a non-linear narration. Everything is apparently simple: two guys meet in Barcelona, have sex and get to know each other, but as the story progresses, it gets more complicated than it appears. Indeed, the movie excels in its original depiction of a love story that is not bound to specific narrative conventions or constraints.

We are in a labyrinth of timelines, and the movie plays explicitly with this metaphor.

The dialogues are not central, it is more a game of looks, body language, and personal interpretation. Juan Barberini and Ramon Pujol have instant chemistry, as Ocho and Javi. There are many LGBT movies that are centered on first encounters and unlucky love affairs, but End of the Century creates its original dimension with this philosophical, almost existentialist depiction of a human connection. In addition, the movie always feels authentic and relatable, even when it portrays explicit sex scenes. To avoid any possible spoiler, we can not say much more.

Overall, Lucio Castro has created an intriguing picture, which will probably succeed in creating interest in the audience.

Have a look at the trailer below: