Dark Tropics' new single "is an epic feature film in a 3-minute pop song.”

Monday 24th February 2020 | Grace

Badlands is a dark and poetic song that encapsulates the moody emotions of a passionate, yet unsuitable, relationship in a 3 minute 11 second ballad. The song is the debut single from Irish band Dark Tropics and is already out on the Quiet Arch Records label.

The shadowy and melodic sound of the piano plays throughout the song and is accompanied by striking vocals and intense but meaningful lyrics. The song was written as a way to portray the emotions of relationship based on betrayal, heartbreak and betrayal. In discussing the song, the band says, “Badlands is an attempt to capture the feel of an epic feature film in a 3-minute pop song.”

Finding influence from bands like Radiohead, Aretha Franklin and The Velvet Underground, Dark Tropics bring together contemporary pop with neo-soul to create a deep sound palette. In adding more depth to their sound, the band have also taken inspiration from their love of writers, poets and playwrights such as William Somerset Maugham, Paul Aster and John Cooper-Clarke.

The duo decided to record with retro techniques and play more classic instruments to reflect on the timeless style of their music.

To find out more about the band, the song and the album, check out Dark Tropics’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.