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Drum and Bass | Monday 24th February 2020 | Arren

Philth shares with us his top five clubs of all time.

The unstoppable march of Philth continues on. Earlier this month the esteemed producer finally released the long awaited second part of his debut LP Moments In Time. The success from part one laid the groundwork for the second segment, firmly positioning Philth in a top position for the start of the new decade.

Landing on Dispatch, Moments In Time is thirteen fresh tracks of drum & bass magic. Across the album Philth carries you across a range of emotions from down right dirty steppers to uplifting bliss. The sheer scope of sounds Philth covers across the releases engages you from the very beginning and secures the album as one of the best releases out there right now.

He covers a huge scope of the drum & bass sound, with liquid vibes in 'Let You Fall', 'Just A Memory' with Ella Sopp, 'Rivers', the rollers mix of 'Lost In A Moment' with Becca Jane Gray and 'Just A Drop In The Ocean'. In contrast to the uplifting liquid he throws in some proper stinkers; 'The Teacher', 'Emerald' with Quadrant & Iris, 'Damaged' and 'Claws'. Old skool vibes are a plenty throughout the album but none as obvious as in the spacey 'Solar Cycle'.

Jungle elements and uplifting vibes with a slick rollers drums all complemented by the smooth vocals from Collette Warren in 'Stuck In A Loop' close off the incredible album. Throughout you hear so many sounds of drum & bass’ past and present, all masterfully placed for maximum effect. This a true album for drum & bass heads which is perfectly suited for both home listening and club raising.

In celebration of the album’s release we’ve managed to grab Philth for a moment to share his top clubs. Throughout his career he’s performed at many venues across the world and is a well regarded DJ known for his sudden switches, smooth blends and trademark razor sharp cuts.

The End, London

I can’t talk about 5 favourite clubs without talking about my favourite club of all time… I first went there when I was 17, and spent so many hours soaking up the awesome soundsystem (I used to love standing at the back right on the speaker wall) and that special vibe with the DJ in the centre of the dancefloor. I’m not one to dwell in the past but there is nowhere that captures quite the same vibe as The End – if you ever went there you’ll know what I mean. Probably the best set I’ve ever seen was there – Marky b2b Zinc all night with them each having a set of decks and mixer… Zinc was doubling tunes while Marky scratched, it was just insane.

Seeing Andy C drop Moving Fusion's 'Thunderball' on dubplate was a real goosebumps moment, gorgeous intro then the tearout drop with that bouncing bass. I was at college in Hertfordshire at the time and for months this was the dubplate we were all talking about.

Fabric, London

In my late teens and early 20’s weekends would alternate between Fabric and The End, both for the sound systems and the diversity of lineups. Unfortunately, I hadn’t started wearing earplugs at this point so these two clubs are to thank for my tinnitus, as I would search for the sweet spots where the bass was loudest. I have so many lovely memories of hearing tunes for the first time at Fabric… When ‘Shake Ur Body’ seemed to magic girls out of thin air, Andy opening with ‘Floodlight’ and Fresh standing behind him with this evil grin waiting for the madness, Hype rewinding ‘Grimey’ three times, Zinc opening what everybody thought would be a mixed-genre set with ‘Signal’ and blowing the roof off… I’m always grateful when I get the call to play at Fabric - it will always be my favourite club in the UK and maybe the world.

Hearing Marky & XRS' 'LK' at a Playaz night when I was feeling pretty ‘special’ was an incredible moment – seeing such a beautiful piece of music smash the place was a lightbulb moment as an aspiring DJ & producer.

Escape Venue, Timisoara

A lesser-known venue in Romania, and one of the most enjoyable places I’ve played on my travels. A huge room with high ceilings (like 50ft) and videos projected across the whole walls, a huge huge sound system where every bass note hits the spot, and they don’t oversell the capacity so there is loads of space for everybody to get into their dancing groove. One of those gigs where I played two hours and really didn’t want to hand over the decks…

A beautiful vibe but heavyweight sub-bass, I closed my set in Escape with Wreckless' '1999' and the bass was rattling absolutely everything… the booth, my drink, my teeth - even the amps were rattling and I was honestly scared the bass was going to break something.

Mauerpfiffer, Saarbrucken

This is a very special club with a very special crowd for the resident night Tiefklang (translation ‘deep sound’) where the crowd will chant “deeper, deeper” if they love your selections. The first time I played there was magical… I asked what my set time was, and was told “start when you want, end when you want”. I asked how this affected the other DJ’s and was told the club stays open till 10am – techno style! So for my debut set I played 4.5 hours before my legs gave up and I had to tap out.

I was told when I arrived that the original tune 'Don't Let You Go' had become a bit of an anthem to the Tiefklang crowd, so I opened with the just finished VIP and it went down a treat.

The Cause, London

Warehouse setting, DJ booth/cage inside the dancefloor, heavyweight sound system – The Cause really ticks all the boxes for a pure underground venue, and what is even better is their profits go towards funding music charities. I’ve been lucky to play there 3 times last year and each one was better than the last.

I’ve dropped my track 'The Teacher' every time I’ve played at The Cause and it really seems to suit the vibe of the club, heads down in a dark room, raving hard as the bass punches you in the chest.

Bagleys, London

Honourable mention has to go to the legendary sweatbox that was Bagleys. This is where I went for my first ever legal rave as a 16-year old and the vibes in the main room tied me to this music for life. There was a rawness, even slightly dangerous vibe but that made it even more exciting. And the lineups in the late 90’s early 00’s were always wall to wall headliners with a range of flavours. A great education for a fresh faced raver!

The set I remember most from my first rave was Brockie with Det & Skibadee, and this is the ultimate Brockie anthem. It smashed the place that night and every single time he played it – nowadays I have it in my classics folder for every gig and love to play it and feel the nostalgia and watch a new generation of ravers brock out to 20/20.

Philth’s second part of the Moments In Time LP is out now on Dispatch Recordings - Buy/stream

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