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Drum and Bass | Tuesday 18th February 2020 | Arren

We’ve got a triple whammy playlist here from the Ancient Radius guys.

The halftime trio Ancient Radius; made up of Akov, Multiplex and ALSO, have shared with us a huge selection of half time beats. It comes just after they’ve dropped a huge two tracker Dutch Courage / Booger Sugar

Their release landed on Korsakov Music last week, and mate it packs a punch. Kicking things off is ‘Dutch Courage’, a moody nodder with neuro elements taken and whipped into a murderous half time floor breaker. Following is the equally rude ’Boogie Sugar’ which builds up with high end electronic squeak before a punchy drop with a earth shattering bass tones. Both ensure maximum damage to the floors and guaranteed to blow up the dance. You can bag yourself a copy here.

In celebration of their release, we managed to get all three of them to compile a list of their favourite halftime beats. We’ve got a selection of 15 mad half time tracks, so whether you’re not versed on the style or you're listening everyday - Ancient Radius have made sure you’re covered in all things on the half beat.


'Salah' - Noisia & Twofingers

Pure sleeze this track. I challenge you to listen to this in public on your headphones and not to walk with a pimp limp.

'Tarantula (Akov Bootleg)' - Pendulum

Bit of self promotion but it’s always been a crowd favourite and one of the most fun beats that I’ve flipped.

'Regretz' - Skope

This tune literally makes me stop everything I’m doing and gyrate like a horny grandad. sorry not sorry. A good example of how much groove you get get out of a simple idea.

'Sasquatch' - Monuman

First tune I heard from Emperor’s side project. It’s always been a go to choice when dropping some halftime. love the vibe on this and the pluck synth that’s reminiscent of tokyo drift, haha!

'Pumplesnout' - Frequent

Probably some of the most enjoyable sound design I’ve heard in more recent years. The textures tickle all the right parts of the ear.

Mr Multiplex Picks

'Regis Chillbin' - EPROM

I know it’s not really halftime but it's one of the tunes that infatuated me to start exploring the beats/halftime genre so it’s a special one to me.

'No Pain' - Greazus & Kid Curse

The intricate use of ruthless bass and relentless use of perfectly timed snares makes this a sexual experience to the eardrums.

'Say Nothin (extended mix)' - Jubei feat. Flowdan

We all know this legendary tune, it’s a vibe creator on the dance guaranteed with the exquisite vocals of the legendary Flowdan and beats by Jubei it’s a tune to bob ya head to until ya can’t no more.

'Creepin' - Shades x Alix Perez x Eprom

This tune always make me think of that moment we all know jheaa I know what’s coming, but when the tune drops you realize you ain’t ready for thisssss brhuuuu *waving arms frantically while trying text friends to tell them how sick this tune is*

'I Needed You (OM Unit Remix)' - Krampfhaft

The melody and energy of this gem takes you away to long lost worlds and places where only sound exists. I WANT TO LIVE THERE, reach for the lasers.


'Peninsula' - Ivy Lab

This one's got absolutely everything. A snare that's got no business being a snare, a dark and sinister buildup and just so much creativity I honestly can't understand how people can come up with it and make it sound good. Ivy Lab's best tune by a mile.

'Dutch Courage' - Ancient Radius

Bit biased here but I genuinely believe we're onto something really special with this one. Alex and I had the body in a few hours, and it was clear from the start we were in a moment.

‘Continuous VIP’ - Mefjus

Do I really have to explain this one? Greatest VIP ever made hands down. Mefjus is one sicko for making this. He managed to make his most creative track ever even better somehow. True genius at work. You just can't beat the Mef. Meffy J if you will.

'Killswitch' - Topi

Noisia threw this one out of nowhere at the last let it roll and I damn near threw my full pint in the air while screaming. It's so heavy and original.

'Ringshifter (Culprate Remix)' - Mefjus

Culprate needs to be stopped, I am dead serious. Just having the ability to make a Mefjus banger even better is one thing, but to so violently outclass it (sorry Martin, love you ❤️❤️) is just mindboggling. Nothing about this remix is slightly okay and that's entirely meant in a good way.

Ancient Radius latest release on Korsakov Music is out now - Buy/stream

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