Aisha Badru is back with a powerful message

Other | Thursday 13th February 2020 | Grace

After the release of her hugely successful debut album back in 2018, Aisha Badru is back with force in bringing the world her newest EP ‘Transendance’.

One of the stand-out tracks on the album is Soil’s Daughter, a calm, yet, compelling song that, in true Badru style, comes with a powerful message concerning the world. The track is ultimately about our collective roots and the connection we have to our surroundings.  “This is me reflecting on the world, and this huge disconnect between us as a people and us with the planet,” says Badru. This song is an encouraging message for people to act on creating their own change, which is shown through the collection of protest images juxtaposed with pictures of how the earth is falling apart.

Openly practicing a sustainable existence by moving from the concrete jungle of New York to a quieter home in Florida, Badru also reflects on her new life on the album with tracks like ‘Forest Green’. Whilst ‘Millennial’ explores the reality of how hard life can be for this generation and ‘Water’ encourages people to not be afraid of the unknown.

The album was made in the UK and produced by Chris Hutchinson, who previously worked alongside Badru, inspiring her to add elements of electronica to her traditional indie-folk sound. However, for Soils Daughter, the singer-songwriter knew that the message was the important part. “I knew I wanted it to be acoustic. I wanted it to be a bit more intimate, so my lyrics could really take centre stage,” she says.

‘Transendance’ is the perfect mix thought-provoking lyrics mixed with the beautiful voice and raw sound that Badru is known for.


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