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House | Monday 10th February 2020 | Arren

London based disco producer Danny Dove has shared with us his top 5 clubs for disco.

Danny Dove, he’s a London-based disco DJ turned producer. He began his career in music playing at venues across the UK and beyond. After years of laying down sets at some of the best clubs around there was only one logical step to take, producing. Since 2004 he’s been making his own tunes and has had his slick blend of disco and house snapped up by labels including Champion, Armada Deep and Duvstar.

He’s recently dropped another sick release launching himself and Champion Records into the new decade. A feel good anthem featuring the legendary US soul group, The Flirtations. Reviving the halcyon days of disco and house it’s a record packed with funk and groove, ready and waiting to blow up the dance with its modern edge. The sultry vocals from The Flirtations adds a stunning layer to this track which becomes another gem in both Champion Records’ and Danny Dove’s discography.

In a nod to the disco vibes in his latest single Danny Dove has shared with us his top five clubs for disco music, past and present. Legendary spaces have been highlighted in these sick selections from Dove.

The Cross - London, UK

This was a special space. It was small, sweaty and dark and the atmosphere was electric. The crowd were right in front of you, almost on top of you. When they were with you, there was nothing better. It was prolific in the mid-nineties, early 2000s when the likes of DJ Sneak, were rocking the looped up disco house vibes. A great period for contemporary disco.

The Paradise Garage - New York, USA

Even though I missed this club, its reputation was prolific, iconic, legendary! To spend some time in there watching the atmosphere, listening to the ground breaking disco and partying with some very cool customers. What a night!


This is one hell of a party right now. Encapsulating everything I love about clubbing and music. Forward thinking, fun and surprising, I would love a night there; as a DJ or a customer. They drop some killer tracks.

Ministry of Sound - London, UK

The bar, not the main room. The main room is amazing and iconic, but the bar is special. You get to hear the unexpected. New DJs, up-coming talent pushing the envelope and keeping it fresh. I remember playing there every month back in 1998-2007. It was smart and it was sassy and you had to earn a place on that dance floor. Every track was unheard, mixed to perfection by some great people.

Bora Bora Beach - Ibiza, Spain

There was a time when there were few beach parties and Bora Bora was one that delivered. You could dance all day in the sunshine, next to the sea, whilst the planes landed above your head. This has to be one of my favourite moments of all time watching Alex Miles drop the Steve Angello remix of Moby’s 'Raining Again’, just as the heavens opened on 1000 clubbers and a huge commercial plane roared overhead about to land. As the track dropped, the water gushed and the crowd erupted in way I have rarely seen. It was a near perfect moment in the club scene for me.

Danny Dove’s newest single ‘Im In Love’ featuring The Flirtations is out now on Champion Records - Buy/stream

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