Guestlist | Playlist: Invadhertz

Drum and Bass | Friday 7th February 2020 | Arren

This week we’ve got a hefty selection of tunes from Italian duo, Invadhertz.

The Italian born, London based duo Invadhertz dropped a sick release today on London’s own SINE Series’ fresh imprint SINE Audio. They have done so with a killer two tracked piece Never Let You Down / Cold Fluid. Two tracks with different vibes, setting up the new imprint’s direction and adding more bangers to Invadhertz growing catalogue of tunes.

First up the duo go deep into liquid vibes with the blissful ‘Never Let You Down’. A warm bassline rumbles beneath floaty synths, soulful vocals and crisp drums. A sure fire liquid roller perfect for vibing in the winter sun. Flipping the switch completely Invadhertz get proper moody with ‘Cold Fluid’. A murky low end beat with mechanical drums, it oozes dark warehouse vibes in complete opposite to the tune beforehand. Both tracks are expertly pulled off and highlight the versatility of Invadhertz and set up SINE Audio perfectly.

SINE have been big on the London scene, hosting various events over the last 4 years. Each time they’ve brought carefully curated, forward thinking line ups across the city. With SINE Audio they will be mirroring the styles and sounds of their line ups with releases from their family and beyond. Invadhertz and their release is a perfect example of this, bringing forward two very different records with one crucial similarity, it’s quality.

Celebrating the release of their latest single and the launch of SINE Audio we’ve got Invadhertz to fix up this week’s playlist of bangers. They’ve drawn a sick selection of tunes trending the lines between smooth liquid and gritty steppers.

'Forsaken (Calibre Remix)' - Alix Perez feat. Spectrasoul & Peven Everett

It’s very hard to choose between the original version or the remix, we’re really into both versions. We both agree this one is probably one of our favourite tunes of all time. We love the soulful vibes and the production, we love how they used the samples and we are really into these kinds of vocals as well. Alix Perez, Spectrasoul and Calibre are definitely a huge influence for us.

'New Design' - Break & DLR

I think, as for everyone in drum & bass, Break and DLR are a big influence on us. This one is just a sick track. We basically grew up listening to this, it is always in our USB ready to be played and the crowd always goes off when it drops! Break and DLR are masters of production and sound design, we have been trying to reach their perfect mixdowns and their clean sound design since we started producing music.

'In My Mind' - Lenzman feat. IAMDDB

It is with a bit of a shame that we say that we found out about this track pretty recently, like one month ago or something, even though it was released in 2017. We have always been big fans of Lenzman and he is another big influence for us, just for some reason we missed this track. Again here we love the soulful vibes and the vocals are just incredible, that old-skool break and the piano sample work perfectly together and the mix down is crazy clean. Lenzman is definitely a master of soulful d&b and more! We shared the stage with him 2 years ago in Venice and it was such an honour to play after him!

'Runnin' - Enei feat. Georgia Yates

The first album by Enei: Machine, was the album that made us realise that we wanted to make drum and bass and that we wanted to take it seriously. This track is one of our favourite’s from the album, even though it is very difficult to pick a favourite since every tune is so good. Machine is still one of our favorite albums of all time.

'Bacteria' - Ed Rush & Optical

This is a classic. To think that this track, with that sound design and that production was released in 1999 is unbelievable. Ed Rush & Optical are a huge influence to everyone. We remember seeing them for the first time in Rome almost 10 years ago, and during the night for some reason the main sounds system shut down while they were playing but the monitors were still working, so they took the monitors and turned them to the crowd to let everybody keep raving with a very small sound. That was amazing to see even if the sound system was what it was, that party it is still one of the best parties we have ever been to. Ed Rush & Optical are legendary.

Never Let You Down / Cold Fluid by Invadhertz is out now on SINE Audio - Buy

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