Dusky giving XOYO some foundation flavours

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 4th February 2020 | Nicky

Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman, better known as electronic music duo Dusky, call upon some of the foundation's forefathers Grooverider, Fabio and DJ Randall to deliver a lesson in the origins of UK underground music and rave culture.


It's not the 1st time that these guys have been asked to represent as influencers for some of the biggest deejays and artists around today at XOYO's revered Friday residency. The only difference this time is that on the 28th of February, they'll be showcasing specific moments from their illustrious career, a time when the legendary underground music scene in London was developing at breathtaking speed, pioneered by groundbreaking talent. 


Grooverider and Fabio are often been hailed as the founding godfathers of Drum and Bass with their particular journey starting out playing early House and Acid. Citing influences from Mr Fingers, aka the legendary Larry Heard from Chicago, it spawned a whole new musical culture cut from a jilted and carefree generation. The duo will be crate-digging for a special "Rage" set carved straight from the bowels of Heaven, a seminal club that is widely recognised as one the most important and influential institutions in UK dance history and instrumental in the rave movement two decades ago. 


Hip Hop, Breaks, Dub and Disco were speeded up and thrown into a creative blender with early House and Techno, which helped create what effectively become known as Hardcore, a sound which later morphed into Jungle and Drum and Bass. Young creatives such as Goldie and A Guy Called Gerald became heavily influenced by Grooverider and Fabio's distinct style and pattern and were already producing tracks of the same character. These records are now considered to be the beginnings of the beloved genre, a genre that spawned genre-defying tracks such as Terminator and 28 Gun Badboy.


Another key player joining Dusky on the night will be DJ Randall. An East London native who shot to legendary status in the mid-nineties for his impeccable mixing ability, track selection and like Grooverider, his love of West Ham. His now-legendary residency at AWOL cemented Randall as a bonafide congo natty beat selector that would rock any party to its absolute knees with his progressive tune selection, impeccable mixing and a certain knack of blending exclusive dubplates so well that it sounded like a whole new tune. The blending, in particular, would compel MC GQ and the Paradise regulars to demand that he rewound the whole mix and come from the top again. 


Nights and early mornings like these happened weekly and those antics were just a glimpse of the raw energy, freedom and passion that was around that time and helped put these guys on the map. Randall started off at the end of the '80s influenced by the music being made from the likes of Mr C, LFO and Nightmares On Wax. Cutting his teeth at one of the foundation rave venues in London, The Dungeons on Lea Bridge Road, he quickly established himself as one of the scenes main cohorts and went on to spread the sound around the globe captivating new audiences. 


He will be joining Dusky, Fabio and Grooverider, Jossy Mitsu and MC GQ for a night of unadulterated Hardcore Heaven in the main room, with the queen of Drum and Bass, DJ Storm alongside Make Me in the Green Room on Feburay the 28th 2020 at XOYO, London.


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