Guestlist | Clubs: Task Horizon run down their favourite clubs

Drum and Bass | Monday 3rd February 2020 | Arren

Task Horizon share with us their top 5 clubs.

Hailing from Switzerland, Task Horizon is a double-duo whose make up includes a “mad scientist producer/DJ and equally mad music professor.” So far sounds good right, and once you hear their tunes things get even better. Since debuting on the scene in 2004, they’ve seamlessly climbed the ranks unleashing a plethora of hard hitting tracks.

Such is the quality of their sound it didn’t take long for them to get releases on some of the industries biggest imprints including Eatbrain, RAM, and Cause4Concern. If you like your beats hard and geared to trash the floor then Task Horizon are your boys! They demonstrate this perfectly in their first part of the Hack The Planet EP on their own label Evolution Chamber, a joint effort to tear up speakers from them, Magnetude and Receptor.

They kickstarted the EP with a massive first part featuring the no-limits smasher ‘Disintegrate’ which dropped last week. Eerie beginnings draw you in before a cataclysmic drop of titanic proportions. This ones for the steppers with high tolerance for bass, as it pushes harder throughout before a truly epic outro with a subtle organ signalling an end to the madness. A heavy hitting opener for what's primed to be a massive EP coming in full later on this year. 

As well as being mental producers, Task Horizon are regularly found on the decks at some of the biggest drum & bass parties. Effortlessly they guide through tune after tune causing chaos wherever they play. We got them to run down some of their favourite places to party and they haven’t left us disappointed…

Cross Club - Prague, Czech Republic

The dystopian art style and vibe of this club is indescribably cool. And it’s always changing every time we play there. They keep adding and building and the location seems to be in permanent change. Walking through the Club feels like a psychedelic trip into a world that feels like Mad Max. ‘Disintegrate’ reminds us of this club from the name to the concept and Cross Club was the first place we managed to test this track too.

Fabric - London, UK

This is quite arguably the most talked about club in the world and is probably mentioned in every vlub chart of every d&b DJ. We were very lucky to attend Fabric at the time when (some would say) drum & bass was at its peak, and Bad Company’s ‘Planet Dust’ was the first track we heard when we entered the venue and has always been a track we hear every time we have been there…

The End - London, UK

Unfortunately now closed, The End was legendary for its events in London. We were invited as guests by the guys at Renegade Hardware to attend one of their events and it surpassed our expectations, from the layout to the incredible Thunder Ridge sound system that literally blew us away. We could only pick one iconic tune that we find more fitting and reminiscent of The End and that is ‘Messiah’ by Konflict.

Womb - Tokyo, Japan

Set in the middle of Love Hotels in Shibuya, Aaron visited Womb in 2010 while holidaying in Asia and this club has always had a special place in his heart and has been one of the main bucket list venues we have always wanted to perform at. When Aaron returned, he and Tim wrote ‘Ghost In The Shell’ to pay homage to Japanese Anime culture and was also inspired by his visit to Tokyo and Womb.

Mäx (Maag event Hall) - Zürich, Switzerland

We recently played there with Andy C and it was one of the best events we have played in Switzerland. The venue had a great crowd full of energy that stayed dancing all the way until the end. The sound system was incredible too. We really hope that there will be more d&b events held there as it would be a great home for d&b in Zurich. We picked ‘Badline’ as the track that reminds us of this venue, as we were also celebrating releasing it on RAM Records the day before we played there.

Task Horizon’s first part of the Hack The Planet EP is out now on Evolution Chamber - Buy/stream

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