Guestlist | Playlist: Kumo gets rowdy with a killer selection of tunes

Drum and Bass | Saturday 25th January 2020 | Arren

Manchester badman Kumo shares a Miller selection of tunes, just in time for the weekend.

We’ve a killer selection of tunes this week, coming direct from the crates of Kumo. The Manchester based producer/DJ has been smashing it right recently with loads of tunes coming out of his studio. His style is proper dutty goodness with a sick technical edge and has already caught the attention of some of the biggests DJs on the circuit including Rene LaVice, S.P.Y and DJ Marky.

He recently dropped more Kumo madness on esteemed Liondub International. A four tracked EP entitled War Start sees two Kumo productions get a slick vocal re-working from the talents of Grammy award winning Jamaican singer/song-writer Patexx. His murderous lyrical style is expertly arranged and mixed onto Kumo’s work by Liondub himself. For good measure, they’ve included the VIP versions of both tracks as well.

The end result is a massive EP packed with sublime basslines and vocal mastery. The title track, ‘War Start’ hits hard with it’s murky beat with Patexx working those lyrics. ‘Caan Touch’ is a serious head down smasher, serious underground vibes on this one. Both the VIP mixes are beefy rollers - all primed and ready to cause dancefloor chaos. The release is out now - Buy/stream

To celebrate it’s release, we’ve got the producer Kumo to sort out our next playlist of tunes. He’s sorted us a massive 5 tracks, so strap down those speakers down…

'Soundboy Killarney' - Ben Snow

Buzzing with how much Ben Snow has smashed it the past year or so, his EP via Born On Road was probably one of my favourite releases of last year and this is one that stood out on the EP for me! Such a good tune to mix as well.

'Bang' - Particle & Magugu

Instantly fell in love with this tune when I heard it, pretty much sums up dnb for me! A sick rolling beat, heavy bassline and catchy vocals. Reminded me of the first time I heard Marka by Dub Phizix... Classic!

'The Best VIP' - Bou

Used to play the original every set so was buzzing to see it had been given a VIP for the second Liondub International decade LP! Went straight on the USB and gets a sick reaction whenever I play it.

'You Got Me' - Upgrade

In my opinion one of the most technically talented producers in dnb at the moment, on one of my favourite labels, banging out massive basslines over old jungly breaks... what’s not to like!

'Desire' - Skeptical feat. Colette Warren

This has been one of my favourite tunes for years now, it’s so simple but sounds unreal on a sound system. The vocals are perfect on it and would love to hear these 2 colab more in future.

'War Start' - Kumo x Patexx x Liondub

Releasing on Liondub was a massive dream come true for me so when I got asked to jump on a tune with Patexx & Liondub himself I was buzzing for it and think the outcome far surpassed my expectations. So glad people are enjoying it as much as I am.

Kumo's latest release, War Start with Patexx & Liondub, is out now on Liondub International - Buy/stream