Drum & bass Maverick Millbrook shares his top 10 influences

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 21st January 2020 | Arren

Emerging Viper talent Millbrook runs down his top 10 influences

After a trailblazing 2019, Millbrook came out as one of Viper’s most exciting new signings. Release after release he made plainly clear his incredible talents as a producer. DJs and fans alike were united in their opinions on the young producer who enjoyed early support from Liquicity, UKF, and BBC Radio 1.

Building up on the strong foundation he laid last year, Millbrook is set to continue his upward trend. He begins also immediately with another show stopping record, ‘What Now’. It dropped last week on Viper Recordings and is another enthralling adventure. He creates a peaceful chaos, wrapping all the erratic sounds together to create a cheekily bouncy track that’s got serious depth in its design. The groovy drop and cinematic layers make this another record from him that’s unique, fun and sounds damn good on a good system.

It’s another prime example of a sound style that is quickly becoming unique to him. With each record he delves deeper into his musical mind and they only get better and better. His style is quite complex and we imagine has many sources of inspiration. Following on from his successes in 2019 and the release of ‘What Now’ we’ve asked the rising star of the Viper camp to share his top 10 influences. Some we expected, others we did not - but all help us understand Millbrook’s intriguing sound that little better.

Movie Soundtracks

Long before I got into making music I was into movie special effects. I soon noticed the iconic soundtracks of movies like the matrix and began focusing more on official movie soundtracks rather than the visual part. To this day this is my number one inspiration. Some of these songs have great depth and emotion and certainly spark new ideas every now and then. Watching trailers of new movies does the job too sometimes!

Drum & Bass - Going back in time

I was born in 1994. I got into drum & bass quite late in my life at the age of 16. This means I have missed a big part of the evolution of drum & bass music and was mostly influenced by the new stuff that came out in that time. Recently I have been looking back in time with the help of my manager Ray Smith, showing me some classics that came out long before I had even heard of the genre. It’s a great source for inspiration and to anyone who got into drum & bass recently - Go check out the classics!!

Quentin Tarantino

This might sound weird at first but he really is a big inspiration to me. Although I don't make movies, there is a lot to learn from him. I while ago I watched an interview with him followed up by a longer documentary of him explaining where he gets his inspiration from and how he goes about implementing it into his own work – worth checking out!

Netflix Shows

I guess you could put this in the same category as movie soundtracks but opening titles of Netflix shows often spark an idea or two as well. Those Soundtracks are either taken from existing artists or made specifically for that series and often sound quite fresh or unique.


Whenever I get tired of loud electronic music I listen to the old Moby stuff. I don't know why exactly but I have a strong emotional connection to some of his tracks. I don't choose specific things from tracks to take and make my own but really just listen and let my mind take the subconscious input.

Other Drum & Bass artists

Like I said earlier, I think we all take subconscious screenshots of ideas we've heard before from other sources. Sometimes I create a track and think I've come up with it on my own, but really I just copied a track from another artist without noticing. This is why I try to not listen to DNB too much. At least the new stuff. However, I do check out what's new and fresh every now and then. Just to stay up to date.


A few years ago I moved to Berlin. Obviously it is a very techno dominated music scene here but I like it. I don't necessarily hear a techno influence in my music but I'm sure one way or another it has impacted my music in a certain way.


This is a bit of a random one. I sometimes just choose a random playlist with random selected moods, genres or topics. I often try to make my intros of my tracks in a way so they don't necessarily sound like DNB right at the start – trying to not use the typical high hats or cymbals right at the start for example…


I've been a motion and graphic designer for a long time now and love checking out art by other people. Both artworks and nice photos can spark ideas – at least it works for me sometimes.

Creative Block

Back in the day, whenever I had a creative block, I would get very frustrated. Nowadays tho, I know how my brain works and now know how to handle it. I just see it coming and know I need either a break or new creative input. So I mostly just start going down this very list of inspirations again until new ideas start popping up!

Millbrook’s latest single ‘What Now’ is out now on Viper Recordings - Buy/stream

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