Foreign Beggars offer up a fine finale

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 18th December 2019 | Phil

Seldom far from the lips of those waxing lyrical over artists involved in the native rap and rave scenes over the last decade or two, even the most avid of fans will struggle to think of other hip hop artists on the European side of the Atlantic who have had careers as prolific and successful as the Foreign Beggars.

Having started making music together back in 2002, their name has since invoked thoughts of lyricism delivered with barrage-like ferocity, and the sort of beats that more often than not call for neck-breaking headnods, rowdy stomping and a supreme bass face. With that in mind, few hip hop artists have ever held a closer affiliation to the DnB or dubstep scenes than the Beggars.



Friday 13th December marked not only the results of the UK general election, but also the release of ‘Matriarchy’, the record which is said to be the final audible offering from the individuals collectively known as the Foreign Beggars.  


Following up last year’s dark and highly bass driven ‘22 Karma’ LP, a record crammed full of moody dancefloor bangers, ‘Matriarchy’ is an 11 track LP with a wider variety of production styles, not only celebrating some of the many influences that have gone into their music over the years, but offering us a kind of retrospective look at their careers and lives through their lyrics, a return to their roots of sorts. With feature vocals from long time collaborator Dr. Syntax, other homegrown lyrical luminaries DRS, Mysdiggi, Jehst and Blak Twang, as well as grime emcee innovators Jammer and Flowdan, it's the sort of album which will have you finding new quotables year after year. Other guests artists include celebrated vocalists of the likes of Liam Bailey and Maverick Sabre, along with huge talents Greentea Peng, Bess Cavendish, and ABRI to name a few.



Over roughly the last two decades, Emcees Orifice Vulgatron and Metropolis Graham, DJ Nonames and producer Dag Nabbit garnered fame by not only building up a considerable body of quality hip hop, but also by featuring on tracks with global rave giants such as Noisia, Flux Pavillion and Skrillex, lending their consistently complementary flows to some of the biggest tunes to hit global dancefloors over the years. Having opened shows for renowned international artists such as The Prodigy, Snoop Doggy Dogg and Amy Winehouse, they are a household name amongst ravers and hip hop heads across the planet.  


You can purchase ‘Matriarchy’ from the Foreign Beggars Bandcamp page here.


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