PotentFunk's Frosty drops Crush mixtape

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 18th December 2019 | Phil

Hailing from Kenton, North West London, Frosty is a well respected, well connected veteran DJ and one of the most humble and friendly fellas on the circuit. 

Usually content in his role as a down since day member of the PotentFunk Records / LDZ (London Zoo) family, he largely works behind the scenes whilst letting his hands do 99.9% of the talking from behind the wheels of steel.

Known for having a non stop schedule and being notoriously difficult to track down, Frosty divides his time between touring, his day job and laying down scratches for a host of UK labels including PotentFunk, High Focus and Blah.

Having planned a drop for a while, now the wait is finally over. Guestlist was fortunate enough to squeeze a few words out of him while he’s been busy promoting CRUSH before Chrimbo kicks in proper.


What was the first thing you thought when you woke up this morning? Have I missed Homes under the Hammer?  

If you could go back to back with any DJ who would it be and why? Probably Randall - Because who wouldn’t want to smash out a couple of hours of rollers with him?  Either that or Kutmah - He’s one of the most interesting DJ’s to watch - always comes through with the killer selection! 

Both BIG DJs. Give us a few recently released hip hop tracks / albums that you’ve put on your rotation and why? The new bit from my pal Morriarchi, ‘A Lot Of people Tell Me I Have A Fake Guitar’, it’s right up my street,  five fully top shelf instrumentals. Loads of great stuff coming out of the Group Bracil stable- the new Verbz thing also! 

That Jack Danz LP on Blah is superb, got to rate anyone who’s as good rapping as they are making beats, 10/10!  Also go check his latest Dying Lotus project. Loving the new Baxter EP - One of the best to do it!  Great to hear him on a Zygote beat too! He’s one of my favourite producers. 

Also, you definitely need to go check out the new Sumgii ep on Swamp 81 - ‘Who is Genre Anyway?’ All straight up bangers. Plus keep an eye out for the forthcoming project he’s got coming with Dream McLean, from what I’ve heard it’s going to be a game changer! 

Agreed! Who else are you feeling at the moment? Loads of people doing some really interesting stuff, without all the spiel, people like Mono/poly, Sumgii, Elwd, Deft, Gawd Status, Dolenz, Hashfinger, 4tune, Dusty Ohms , Lee Scott ,Ivy Lab, Dayle, No Puls, Hapa, the list grows by the day, but these lot are all in the current bag. 

I’ll have to check them all out! If you had never started Dj’ing what do you think you’d be doing now? As a hobby? Maybe an Antiques dealer? Absolutely no idea! I was listening to Pirate radio at 8 years old and Dj’ing by 12 so it’s kind of all I’ve ever known or been properly into. I can’t claim to live solely from just Dj’ing but luckily enough my day job is in the music world and allows me to travel loads which I love. I do a bit of Carpentry when I’m not swanning about so if this all came crashing down id probably get back into that or restoring furniture - I definitely couldn’t handle a 9 to 5 office job - I need to be on the go, using my hands. 

Hands on sort of fella then…Makes sense!  Heard a while ago you had all your equipment and some records stolen, must have been heartbreaking... I can’t even begin to tell you.  My 1200’s were 18 years old, Bought from new and still in good nick, my mixer had just been fixed the week previous - I had that 10 years, brand new headphones,  real nice M Audio monitors (not mine). But the biggest kick in the nuts was the bag of records they took, including some irreplaceable dubplates AND my Cubase dongle! Fuckers! 

I have to shout out Oliver Sudden and Pearse Grady for coming up with the idea and venue to hold a fundraiser to help me get back some equipment - Also have to thank Dj Nonames for helping too plus the Par Excellence intern for hooking up the flyer ! . I bought a new mixer as a result of that night so Thank you again to everyone that showed and played it was a tidy line up and turn out for a Grizzly Sunday night in Camden.

I guess that played a huge part in taking so long to release anything… To be honest I take ages putting things together anyway plus I work away loads which doesn’t help - the pain in the arse was not being comfortable using that space again as a studio. I was back living at my mums at the time so I had to go right back to basics and record everything on headphones using a borrowed deck - just in my bedroom. In fact excluding the juggles - the whole of the ‘Chapsville’ project was put together with no speakers until it was mastered. Same with Crush .. 90% was done off one deck and headphones. 

Describe Crush in five words... Rough around the edges son


You’re always travelling abroad to DJ. Which countries have the best crowds? I always love playing in Switzerland that’s probably my favourite, Greece is a vibe - We played Bulgaria last year which was wild. More Recently though we done a show in the arse end of Wales which was one of the craziest crowds in a while. In the UK though, you can’t beat Bristol!

Brizzle always be rockin’ out! Could you recommend a city to visit that you’ve Dj’ed in recently? I would always recommend Bern in Switzerland. If you’re into records there’s a superb store called Oldies shop which me and Sumgii stumbled upon last time we were there- incredible selection.  The food out there is great, as is the beer, It’s not crowded like London, its clean and it’s just a whole lot more civilised. Geneva also.

Europe ..In or Out? IN! No question. 

If you could only eat three things for the rest of your life, what would they be? Mum’s chilli (unreal), Scrambled eggs w/ Pancetta, and Chocolate digestives 

What was it like touring with Guns N Roses and what was the craziest thing that happened while you were away with them? Yeah was pretty surreal at first - you have to remember though, it’s not the 90’s so as much as you like to think you’ll be getting on it with Axl... it’s not happening! Definitely a nice one to have on the CV and I’m really looking forward to going back out with them next year in the summer. You’d have to ask me for stories in person!

If you could be resident at any club in the world which club and why? If we’re talking club night - then Low End Theory at The Airliner would have been lovely. I would of loved to have just gone there as punter! To be fair I’d be happy being a resident anywhere with a good sound system and good people.  

Name one track that you could drop at any party and get a positive reaction? Krust - Set Speed 

And finally, if you could have anything for Christmas this year, what would it be? A signed picture of Bruce Grobbelaar 


CRUSH showcases Frosty’s distinctive taste and diverse selection, coupled with his razor sharp skills and silky smooth cuts. You can download it for FREE along with all sorts of other hybrid rap shit at 

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