A.M.C top moments of 2019

Drum and Bass | Monday 16th December 2019 | Arren

The new number one dnb DJ talks us through his biggest year yet.

Last week drum & bass history was made. For the first time ever in the Drum&BassArena Awards; Andy C didn’t win the category for Best DJ. Instead the position was awarded to the mighty A.M.C.

Anyone who’s seen one of his many many DJ sets in the past year will tell you his skills on the decks are off the hook. Not only that, but he’s a proper DJ with each set wildly different from the rest as A.M.C draws the perfect selection of tunes each and every time, drawing for new and old tunes, causing complete carnage wherever he plays.

He also won third place in the Best Album category for his ENERGY LP, an atomic ten tracked piece, weaving its way across the drum & bass spectrum. A legend in the making, for these awards are just the tip of an ever growing iceberg.

This year A.M.C has tirelessly worked on a number of projects, including his imprint Titan, his ground-breaking ENERGY event series at fabric not to mention his countless productions featuring on drum & bass’ top flight labels including RAM, Blackout & Eatbrain.

As we near the new year, A.M.C will be opening it on a high. 2019 was his biggest year yet. He talked us through some of his highlights from this year, from winning the awards to huge sets. A.M.C, this is just the beginning…

A.M.C’s top moments of 2019:

1. Winning Best DJ at the 2019 Awards

I can’t believe I won this award and was proper shocked when they told me during the interview!

Playing on Main Stage at Let It Roll 2019

This was the best festival for me this year. It was the best set I’ve ever played and I wish I could go back and do it all again.

ENERGY Show at fabric room 1

I have to pinch myself that I was allowed to do my own event at fabric London and play to a packed crowd in room 1 after I used to go there many years ago as a raver.

Releasing my debut album; ENERGY

To begin with I never thought I’d ever actually be able to write an album. Slowly, but surely it all started to come together and before I knew it, I had this piece of music in front of me that I was really proud of. One of my favourite tunes from the LP was called ‘Nitro’.

First ever American tour

Alongside the shows being incredible, the food was also amazing. I love the fact that in America they know their drum & bass history and you can play really old tracks as well as the new. I met some great people and made some fantastic friends and I can’t wait to come back in 2020 for an even bigger tour!

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