Guestlist | Playlist: Top producer and vocal collabs handpicked by LSB & DRS

Drum and Bass | Monday 2nd December 2019 | Arren

LSB & DRS share their favourite vocal/producer combinations.

We all love a good producer/vocalist combination. Over the years there’s been so many; but one of the greatest which always jumps to our minds is LSB & DRS. They’ve worked together a fair amount over the last 5 years; releasing various tunes like ‘New Day’ and ‘The View’ and collaborated on the sick ‘Space Age’ mixes.

Following on from these encounters, the pair have got together and sorted one of the biggest albums of the year, The Blue Hour. 14 tracks strong, all with the undeniable groove of LSB and DRS’ all encompassing vocal tones. The album commands your full attention from start to finish. Once you’re locked in you’ll witness the pair delve deep into their shared musical influences from jazz and classical to hip hop and plenty of drum & bass.

Speaking about the release LSB said; "Initially we just considered doing an EP but then went on tour in America twice in 2 months in early 2019. During this time we had 5 days off in an apartment in Dallas. So we borrowed a sound card and using Del's tour mic began writing together. We got 6 tracks written and took them back to the UK to be developed into final versions."

He continues; "It was then that we thought we may have an album on our hands and as we both wanted to really grow as artists, push beyond what we've both done The Blue Hour was born. You'll hear DRS pushing his voice a lot more, personal lyrical content, experimental arrangements and live instrumentation that all combine inside and out of the D&B sphere to make an album we're immensely proud of and hope people enjoy listening to."

The album has already dropped and is a firm favourite here at Guestlist HQ. You can buy/stream here. Following our love for this duo’s insane work together, we’ve got both of them to share their 5 favourite vocal/producer combinations. Both have blown us away with their selections, so once you’re done with The Blue Hour, get these tunes down in your lists.

LSB picks:

DRS & Patife - I Will

Jubei & SP:MC - State of The Art

Marky, XRS & Stamina - LK

Lynx & Kemo - Carnivore

Calibre & MC Fats - Drop it Down

DRS picks:

Spectrasoul & Terri Walker - Light In The Dark

M-Beat & Nazlyn - Sweet Love

Elizabeth Troy - Greatest Love

Kwabs - Perfect Ruin (Breach’s Alternative Remix)

Goldie & Diana Charlemagne - Inner City Life

LSB & DRS’ The Blue Hour LP is out now on Footnotes - Buy/Stream

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Facebook - Twitter - SoundCloud