House | Thursday 28th November 2019 | Nicky

Fresh from Tokyo, Hito tells us about some of the most influential tracks from her past that have helped shape her into the artist we see today. 

Hito's absolute allegiance to her art created an international home for everyone to journey to and has earned multiple accolades and nominations along the way.


Hito’s offline foundation cuts caked and simulated noise, forever uniting and revealing the invisible beauty discovered by listeners. The raw resolution intrinsic of her music grew out from the orb of Japan into the underground belly of Ibiza and Berlin, on to top charting artist internationally and unofficial ambassador of Japan's sub-culture. 


Music allows me to explore the world to play and deliver what I feel inside me. I appreciate different cultures and expressions, and I want to share this authentic discovery with you. I meet so many DJs and producers on my journey and now I want to share their passion and message with you! I hope you enjoy the music powered by MODEL 1 on 100% vinyl." - HITO


An avid wax collector with a myriad of captivating records covering minimal to club orientated techno, Hito radiates infectious positive energy with her charismatic personality shining through her dance floor selection. Now located in Berlin, Hito is part of Richie Hawtin’s international M-Nus events, she chooses the tracks that have helped shape her musical journey.


What track first made a major impression on you growing up and what can you recall about that time and how you heard it?


My favourite track is the Martin Buttrich Catcher Remix of Marco Carola’s ‘Groove Catcher’ - this blew me up!! So good!! I started playing it as an opening track at ENTER.Sake floor and I saw people’s expectations and excitement as the track started! I have it on vinyl and this is my favourite vinyl forever, nobody can touch it!! 


Which track first inspired you to get into music seriously and think about it as a career?

I think many of the tracks from the Minus label around 2005-2008 but especially ‘Spastik’ by Plastikman on the Plus8 label. 


What’s your favourite dance floor track right now and what makes it stand out?

Jay Lumen’s Original Mix of ‘Solar’. I’ve been playing it for more than a year in my sets. This track is very strong techno with Jay's killer groove!!


What track do you wish you’d produced and why?

I need to have track ID first because my track has to be a metaphor and tell a story.



What track never leaves your bag and why’s it close to you?

I have several…. so between Jay Lumen’s ‘Solar’ or the Roberto Capuano Remix of Alex Mine’s ‘Lost’. It’s so up and when people enjoy it, I love that too! I also bring several of my tracks like ‘Mama Napoli’ or the ‘Hale EP’ too.


Hito headlines From Tokyo With Love alongside the legendary Ken Ishii, Technasia and Resident DJ Kyle E on Saturday, November 30th at Egg LDN. All info at