Guestlist | Playlist: Essential tracks for travelling selected by Audiofly

House | Friday 22nd November 2019 | Rosh

The duo of Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito have been in creative partnership for the best part of a decade and a half and have performed in some incredible locations; from the sand in Nevada through to the beaches of Tulum. They've clocked up some almighty air miles in their time in the sky so it was only right that we asked them for their 5 top tracks whilst in the clouds.


1) rufus du sol - new sky - Audiofly remix

This was the only track we managed to do this year in the chaos of touring but it was really something that came from our hearts. And we think you can hear it too. 

2) Sean Doron - Ritual Gatherings 

Flying circus - one of these tracks that when we both heard, we both went waaaa!!!! The whole ep is really good but this track is very special as you can mix it within so many styles.

3) Maga & Nhii - sirens of space - Tim Engelhardt remix 

Flying Circus - Tim really outdid himself on this remix of one of our favourite, Maga. In collaboration with Nhii, they made an ep that screams Audiofly through and through. And yes, the Tim Engelhardt remix is the cherry on the cake. A late-night melodic affair that we cannot stop playing.

4) Brian Cid - El verano de tus ojos - supernature

Brian on top form here with an ep that provides something for every taste. Already receiving massive support from everyone, this is something you’ll need in your box to provide the floor with something slightly out of the ordinary.

5) Audiofly feat big bully - I’ll tell ya - get physical 

This is a track of ours we recently rediscovered and sounds as fresh now as when we actually released it. Perfect for closing down a set in the sun.

6) Solomon - Something We All Adore - Supernature

Very creative use of the vocals of Tupac during and as a hook. Solomon delivers an amazing track for the Supernature imprint


7) Solomon - He Is Watching You - Supernature

Another masterful track from King Solomun with a powerful breakbeat and 4/4 kick to get your emotions moving

Audiofly will be playing at the exclusive Nurai Fest held on a private island near Dubai with wAFF, M.A.N.D.Y., Steve Lawler and More from the 22nd-24th November 2019.