"It's still me, I haven't changed" - Mindscape to MNDSCP

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 20th November 2019 | Arren

We hear from the man himself after he dropped his vowels.

Some of us got a mild shock earlier this month when the Eatbrain regular, Mindscape (or MNDSCP from now on) had slightly adjusted his name on his latest EP, Hogzilla. Namely dropping the vowels.

Was this a change in musical direction? Didn't sound like it. Maybe his keyboard was missing some buttons? Prehaps but we couldn't be sure so we checked in with the Hungarian neurofunk producer to make sure everything was alright…

"Mindscape alias is 16 years old now, my sound has evolved a lot since then, so I thought it would be great to update it a bit. I won't really change my musical style as I'm still deeply in love with DNB and I don't want to cut ties with my older releases and albums either. It's still me, I haven't changed, that's why I thought a totally new name would be a too big of a change, so just got rid of the vowels of it in the written form of the alias, using the acronym of it, but it's still pronounced as 'Mindscape'."

"There's a few other mindscapes around, a movie, Youtube channels, other musicians or bands, etc. so I thought the word is a bit overused and not unique anymore. I think the 'new' moniker is way more distinguishable, I feel like it's representing my music and me in a more individual way."

"It's better for internet searches as well, if you try to search for 'MNDSCP' on YouTube for example, in the results it will be my music only, nothing and no one else. It also looks cool in tracklists and playlist folders with all them capital letters."

So just a modernisation, fair enough. His name change came in effect when he dropped his latest EP on Eatbrain, Hogzilla earlier in November. In his usual form he tears shit up with in your face bass, head crushing drums and mechanical switches. Watch out for waves of bass in the title track ‘Hogzilla’, get your heads down for the madness in ‘Vertigo’ and mate, can’t get over wicked jungly bassline on ‘Back Down’ with the sweet vocal flavour from Hijack MC. He closes off with ‘Radiance which gives a sick neuro take on the foghorn style and a beefy bassline that’s sure to keep your neighbours up at night.

MNDSCP's Hogzilla EP is out now on Eatbrain - Buy

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