Marriage Story - LFF 2019 - Review: "A Brilliant Story of a Painful Divorce"

Other | Wednesday 20th November 2019 | Francesco

Noah Baumbach has never disappointed his faithful audience: A funny, witty and smart director, who always strives to create authentic and relatable stories. Marriage Story is bound to become the new peak of his ongoing career and, to be honest, he deserves all the attention and prizes he will get.

The movie tells the story of a couple, Nicole and Charlie, and their upcoming divorce. He is a stage director, she is a former TV actress, and they lost their harmony. In the midst of that, they are fighting for their son’s custody.  Adam Driver and Scarlett Johannson are perfectly playing the leading roles and an outstanding Laura Dern is also in the cast as a divorce lawyer.


Marriage Story doesn’t have a complicated or complex narrative, and that’s why it is so gripping and fascinating: the perceivable authenticity creates an emotive response for any of us who has ever been in love.  Baumbach once again raises the bar in creating a movie that easily mixes comedy and drama with a movie that compels the viewer to feel exactly what the main characters are feeling. It is almost impossible not to empathize with both protagonists, living through this traumatic experience, and with the child, who is probably Baumbach himself, going through the pain of family separation. 


There are many highlights throughout the movie with some classy musical moments and a host of highly intelligent, engaging and comedic dialogue, but the greatest strength of Marriage Story is in delivering a perfect ending, a fully, tear jerking finale illustrated with some other distinctively subtle emotional moments.


The movie is set to be released in selected cinemas acrpss the UK and will be available on Netflix from December 6.

Have a look at the trailer below: