Rising talents, Gerra & Stone share 5 influential tracks

Drum and Bass | Monday 11th November 2019 | Arren

Gerra & Stone share 5 bangers that have influenced their versatile style.

Gerra & Stone are a UK-based d&b duo who’ve certainly done the rounds and have started their climb up the ranks. Equally comfortable making murky heads-down basement shakers as they are soulful liquid beats - it comes as no surprise their tracks have already been snapped up from a range of labels including Shogun, RAM and Dispatch.

Recently they’ve been pumping out loads of the good shit including two big EPs on Shogun’s sister label, SGN:LTD. Both the EPs; Pathfinder and it’s recent follow up Disillusion show off the duo’s multifaceted production style to full effect. We haven’t stopped playing the Disillusion EP since we got our hands on it. 4 sick tracks that together sum up the Gerra & Stone style that’s turning heads amongst the drum & bass crowds. Watch out for the drop in ‘Cut Loose’ it’s proper naughty.

Celebrating their latest release, Disillusion - which we can’t stop playing - we’ve got Gerra & Stone to share 5 tracks that have influenced their sound. They’ve sent over 5 massive tunes which have helped shape them, and with Break, Marcus Intelax, Calyx & TeeBee, SpectraSoul and Breakage put down it’s no wonder their style is so broad and productions clinical. Get involved!!

Break - Let It Happen

Break has always been a huge influence for both of us (and everyone else in D&B!). We chose this track specifically as it really defines Break’s sound and concretes why he is a true master of the roller. The track is so simple and minimal but incredibly powerful and sits so well in the blend. With its stripped-back breaks and pulsing 808 subs it could have been any other roller but the use of the classic dub sample gives it an instantly recognisable motif… another reason we chose this is Dave managed to lose his treasured white label promo copy in a muddy field.

Breakage - So Vain VIP

This has always been a special one and is a track that has remained in the bag (usb or whatever) for as long as we have been a club DJs. We’ve always used it to end a set as it always gets such a wonderful reaction regardless of the crowd or location. The break work is second to none and it feels so smooth even by today's standards, another track with a great dub sample that has eternally influenced us even though it’s fairly far removed what we are known for making. Harry - I bumped into Breakage in a toilet once and tried to express to him what tune meant to me (after multiple tequilas), couldn’t remember the name of the track and he had to remind me... absolute facepalm moment, he laughed it off though!

Spectrasoul - Alibi

This one… what to say, maybe our most played d&b track when playing out overall. This really epitomises Spectrasoul’s combination of light and dark; simple rolling breaks, perfect dusty piano chords and a subbed out reese bass-line. Listening back to a lot of our output over the years I can always hear the influence of this track.

Calyx & TeeBee - Cyclone

Another ‘back of the stack’ classic that has stood the test of time in our opinion. As always ahead of the curve these two technical geniuses have remained strong influencers for both of us. The track in question actually came out on Moving shadow back in 2004 and is maybe lesser-known than some of their other work. The moody, swirling, super-warm bass-line is absolutely killer and on the first listen until this day made us think - We wish we had made that!

Marcus Intalex - Zumbar

We first heard this on Andy C’s “Nightlife 2” CD that we bought way back when we were learning to mix and it was really decisive in us wanting to take this D&B business seriously. It was always our favourite track from the mix and it really moved us (we used to repeat that track again and again until we came across a copy). It was one of the tracks that weirdly introduced us to the synth sounds of Detroit techno and later inspired us to start my own collection of synths that you will hear in all of our productions of the last 5 years.

Gerra & Stone’s Disillusion EP is out now on SGN:LTD - Buy/Stream

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