Looking back over Ed:it's massive Silhouettes Series

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 6th November 2019 | Arren

Ed:it has closed out his Silhouettes Series, we take a look back at the impressive work.

Ed Warrener, better known as Shogun Assassin Ed:it, this year has been battering promo lists, clubs and earphones with his own Silhouettes Series. Together it forges a whole album, though Ed:it opted to release it in three sections. Which has meant fresh Ed:it material for the last six months - a massive win.

He hones in on his style and has created a series that really represents the producer’s full spectrum of sound. From club ready gritty shakers to spacey head nodders he hasn’t held himself back creatively and the end result is nothing short of perfection.

Just last week the final part landed finishing the 3-part 12-tracked series, featuring Technimatic, Rider Shafique and Pola & Bryson. Together it all culminated an epic range of tracks. Speaking on the series Ed:it said: “The 'Silhouettes Series’ as a whole came about over a creative period of two years. Initially, it was written in mind as a full LP but we wanted to do things a bit different by releasing the project as a series to gather more appeal which allowed each EP part to have its own identity. With ‘Part One’ I wanted to start off with a bang so it’s a collection of various grittier/dance floor tracks. ‘Part Two’ features a roller feel with deep dub influences bringing on board collaborations with Technimatic and Rider Shafique.

He continues: “Finally, Part Three I feel is a homage to my own creativity with a mix of deeper meaningful tracks as well as the heavier styles I love to DJ and produce. The entire project draws inspiration from the various genres of music I listen to and the emotions, sights and sounds that influence me on a daily basis. I wanted to capture the essence of what I’m all about with the different sounds I produce. Collecting tracks that work on the dance floor as well ones you can listen to on your way to work.

Ed:it’s Silhouettes Series is just part of the impressive sounds coming from the Shogun camp this year. These guys are on fire and Ed:it’s collective album is a shining beacon of this reality. Don't take our word for it though, go listen to them now;
buy/stream part 1 - buy/stream part 2 - buy/stream part 3

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