Kurds betrayed as Turkey moves in on Syria

Monday 4th November 2019 | Jake

For a brief moment the Kurdish people had something resembling a home. In a horrific war which has torn a country to shreds, a new state sprouted. Rojava was born from chaos, but prospered in a dark time. Kurdish fighters repelled ISIS fighters, turning the tide on their extremist campaign to create a new caliphate. The Kurdish people living in northern Syria established their own autonomous state during wartime, naming it Rojava.

Now, however, Rojava faces a bleak, short future. It had acted as a beacon of hope in a devastated region, but Turkey is looking to extinguish that beacon. Just over a week ago Donald Trump made the surprise announcement that American forces would be pulling out of northern Syria.

The announcement couldn’t have been worse timed. Turkey was already planning to push into north-eastern Syria, the announcement intensified their preparations. Turkey has long refused to acknowledge Kurdistan, and the president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has talked gleefully of his plans to “crush the heads” of Kurds who stand in his army’s way, as it rampages through northern Syria.


A video of Turkey's approach into Syria

In their desperation, the Kurds have sought a deal with Syria’s maniacal dictator Bashar al-Assad. In exchange for control of border towns in the north, Assad will send troops to the border with Turkey, in an effort to protect Kurdish and Syrian civilians. Turkey’s assault on the border has been brutal, so government reinforcements couldn’t come soon enough.

The fear, however, is that the territory given to Assad will be lost, and government forces will move in on what remains of Rojava once the face-off with Turkey is over. In Rojava’s time of need, the allies who benefited so greatly from their heroic exploits must stand up for them, not turn their back like the US has done.