Klute countdowns his top 5 labels

Drum and Bass | Thursday 24th October 2019 | Arren

Klute countdown his top labels.

Klute is probably one of the busiest guys in music. He spearheads Commercial Suicide Records, is a prolific producer in not only drum & bass but a host of other electronic styles, and is a member of the hardcore band The Stupids. We've got his top label countdown that features some huge picks, as expected given his credentials.

Despite his endless schedule, Klute has his ninth solo album Whatever It Takes dropping on his Commercial Suicide. Recorded over 18 months it's a perfect balance of Klute’s musical interests. He kicks off with a string of drum & bass tracks, each a tapestry of sounds all perfectly aligned with one another. He then moves over to his unique style of house and tech, with deep echoing sounds and hugely atmospheric vibes. A true artist album, showcasing Klute’s deep musical knowledge and unique style.

Whatever It Takes is just the latest explosive material to come from the Commercial Suicide camp whose output over the years has been huge. Alongside Klute's own material the label has amassed a huge catalogue of tunes from Calibre, Break, Concord Dawn, Nymfo, Digital… the list goes on. It operates on a system of "releasing music that Klute sees fit" adding "if you don't like it, fuck off." This outlook has seen Commercial Suicide organically grow into one of the most consistent and reliable labels where you come to expect the unexpected.

Klute may be the head of one of our favourite labels - but we’ve got him to select his top 5 labels. His selections are tight, you'll wanna be getting these down into your playlists!

Legend Records

Before I knew what it was I was attracted to Legend because of their logo, with a lot of stuff coming out at that time that was basically the only visual identity you had for anything.
Label started by Gwange, Invisible Man and also Q Project & Spinback, latterly known as Total Science. Ground breaking.

Ibiza / Limited E / 3rd Party Records

Don’t shoot me for grouping 3rd Party with Ibiza cos technically they weren't related but artistically they are all coming from the same place with Noise Factory being the common denominator.
From around 91 to 95 'ish These 3 labels pumped out absolutely shit loads of faceless Jungle bollocks ranging from era defining classics to utter gash. Def my fav label from the time and my biggest collection. I could write an essay on Ibiza records. Without question absolute pioneers at a time when there were no rules.

31 Recordings

Doc Scott's imprint is as valid today as it was when it started in the 90's, forging a path for us all with a truly diverse output that is at the mercy of Scotty's taste rather than any other factor. Turning his back on the major label boom of the 90's Scotty gave us his soul with Shadow Boxing and the rest is history. Optical, Digital , Dom & Roland, Marcus Intalex, S.P.Y, Seba, Krust, Calibre, Bungle and of course myself have all graced 31's output.

Sofa Sound & Utopia Music

I couldn’t decide between these two, so im putting them both. Since day one Bristol has been a major D&B hub with a rich history of high quality music to represent its cultural diversity. These days im feeling a real vibe from the Collective crew - Break, Total Science, DLR, Hydro, Mako along with a whole host of others. Both Sofa Sound and Utopia are both an integral part of that and present such a driven and enthusiastic vision.

Trunk Records

A lot of the music I listen to these days grew out of what I see as "sample culture"- which is music I might have originally brought to sample to use in my tunes. Its gone way beyond that now as I always forget to sample most of what i get now.
Jonny Trunk is a walking talking world of music and over the past 25 odd years ive known him he’s turned me on to so much amazing music that I otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to. That in itself has certainly had an effect over my influences.
Not everything on Trunk is great but it’s definitely a label you have to check absolutely every release.

Klute's latest album Whatever It Takes is out now on his Commercial Suicide Records - Buy

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