Brighton's DnB newcomer Nick The Lot speaks ahead of 'Over The Moon' EP drop

Drum and Bass | Sunday 13th October 2019 | Tom

Electrician by day and DnB producer by night, Nick the Lot is an artist who is currently pumping some serious voltage through the DNB scene.

Since his first track was picked up by Tyke for Holographic Audio, he has featured on Skank and Bass, Good4Nothing and Twisted Individuals renowned Zombie and Grid imprints.


This month sees the release of his 'Over The Moon EP' on Agro's Sub-Liminal Recordings, a collection of six of his most characteristicly tight concoctions to date, an essential purchase for anyone who loves all of those rolling Jump-up vibes.


Guestlist was lucky enough to put Nick through some rigourous questioning and get a bit more information on one Brighton's brightest new Drum and Bass prospects ahead of his EP dropping.


What was the first thing you thought of this morning when you woke up? How’s my foot looking! (I stepped on a large rusty nail yesterday).


If you could only eat/drink 3 things for the rest of your life what would they be? Carrots, incase it gets dark. A roast dinner. And plenty of H20


If I could give you a plane ticket to anywhere in the world right now where would you go? Thailand. I haven’t been yet but this is the place I’m constantly getting told to go.


If you didn't have a career making music what would you be doing? I’m an electrician by day, so I would probably have to carry on doing that and sticking rusty nails in my feet!


What was very first record you bought? I honestly can’t remember, but it would have probably been some cheesy hardcore number.


What is your favourite tune (any genre)? 'Kung Fu' - 187 Lockdown springs to mind. One of those nostalgic tunes for me.


Which 3 artists have been the biggest influence on your sound? The biggest influences would have been from way back in the day when I first started mixing DnB. Hazard. Dillinja, Twisted Individual, Pendulum, that’s four that spring to mind of but there are so many more.....


If you could play a back to back set with any artist who would you choose? Why? I’d have to go with one of the pioneers like Grooverider. He has a wicked tune selection too.


To date what has been your biggest achievement as an artist? Why? It’s all been amazing for me what’s happening with my tunes so I couldn’t pick one thing to be honest. Was proper buzzing when I heard my first release ‘Sound of a Feeling’ on Radio 1 though!


How would you describe the Nick the Lot sound? Cheeky, jumpy, roller type stuff?


The 'Over the Moon EP' is a collection of 6 huge tunes that will no doubt be creating mayhem on the dance-floor, is there a storey behind the EP? No not really. Ben (Agro) gave me an idea of what he was after and I tried to create that.


Which tune was most fun to make? Why? To be honest I couldn’t tell you. I go into a bit of a trance when making tunes.


Which is your favourite? Why? Mine is probably 'Gunshot', if I was to pick one to listen to right at this moment in time it would be that.





What approach do you take when making a tune? Always different to be honest. I usually start with the drums but sometimes just sit there making strange noises for hours with Massive. I can feel a bit odd afterwards.


Do you always go into a project with a clear idea of what you want to make? No never a clear idea. I usually make a good few loops of a drop until one grabs me.


Which part of making music do you personally find the hardest? Finding a comfortable enough chair to sit in to do so for hours on end. I change them regularly.


What advice would you give to any aspiring Drum and Bass producers? To stick at it, craft a sound and take advice from anyone who knows what they’re talking about.


Finally, what is next for Nick the Lot? Where can we catch you performing? What have you got up your sleeves for us in the next few months? I've got loads more releases lined up on various labels. A few more bookings to finish the year off and try to step it all up a notch next year.


Nick the Lot's 'Over The Moon EP' is out on Sub-Liminal Recordings on the 18th October available exclusively from Junodownload




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