HLZ reveals his top 5 tracks of 2019 ahead of his 'Eternal EP' drop on Metalheadz

Drum and Bass | Friday 11th October 2019 | Tom

Hailing from the sunny Italian costal city of Manduria and currently residing in London, this month sees the release of HLZ's debut solo EP on Goldie's globally revered Metalheadz label. The first output from the camp since its monumental 25 year celebration at Printworks earlier this month.


This monster of an EP provides the Italian production maestro the perfect platform to showcase his ever evolving, raw and uncompromising approach to making music and is dripping with vintage Metalheadz flavour throughout. Each track tells a different and intricate story of it's own, from the euphoric introduction and weighty drop of the title track 'Eternal' all the way through to the space-age scfi vibes and amen loops of the epic 'Hidden Memory'. This is an EP any fan of the Metalheadz sound would be a fool to miss out on!



Guestlist was lucky to have a minute with HLZ to discuss his personal top 5 tracks of 2019. Check them out below:-


J Majik - Meridian - Infrared Records This whole album is incredible but this track just gives me pure goosebumps.



Ulterior Motive, Quadrant & Iris – Intuitions – Guidance Sometimes there's too many expectations for DNB collaborations; luckily that’s not the case with this - pure funk and a real modern take on the early 2000s DNB i grew up with.



Satl - Bravehearts (ft. Dan Stezo) - Sun & Bass Recordings Pure soul - Satl’s music is really special!



Phase - Antidote to Chaos (ft. Villem) – Metalheadz This is still in my sets. It has it all - soul, funk and incredible energy.



Skeptical - Mechanism - Exit Records One of my favourite Skeppy tunes, this guy’s creativity is always refreshing.



HLZ's outstanding 'Eternal EP' drops on the Metalheadz online store on the 25th October and is available to pre-order now.