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House | Friday 11th October 2019 | Arren

Ahead of his set at Ministry this weekend we speak with house-head Henry Hacking.

Henry Hacking has turned it up a notch in 2019. An established DJ who’s a firm favourite in the Asian circuit - now Hacking’s making serious moves in the wider scene with his versatile style gaining him slots at some of the biggest clubs including Ibiza’s Eden and London’s Ministry of Sound.

It’s not only as a DJ which has turned heads towards Hacking. As a producer he’s also been causing a stir, releasing loads of new material this year on esteemed labels including Tiger Records and Pukka Up Deep. His distinct big room sound has been snapped by loads of elites including EDX, Nervo and Fedde Le Grand keeping the crowds bouncing.

We’ve spoken to this rising star about his year, performing in Asia and his biggest summer yet...

Hey, how are you?
Great thanks, hugely excited to be back with The Gallery Club at Ministry this Friday.

What was your first thought this morning?
Is the blue milk still okay for my two daughters’ breakfast?!

What’s got you motivated right now?
The release plans for my next single ‘New Love’ which lands this November. It really is my most exciting release, so to receive news this week of the full release schedule has me really focused on the build-up.

Summer seems well and truly gone now, how was your summer this year? Any big shows or events your performed at? Tick anything off the bucket list?
It was another great summer. In terms of bucket lists… well, I’ve made it to 40 - possible contender there?!
I had some fantastic parties with my residency in Ibiza for Pukka Up, WNDRLND and House in Paradise. What’s made it even more special is the huge support from both clubbers and DJs across all my 2019 releases. Watching videos of people dancing / playing them, the relentless tagging in playlists and general love. 2019 was always the year to move focus onto releases so I’m thrilled it’s paying off.

How’s your schedule looking for the rest of the year?
Exciting! Obviously, Ministry this weekend, plus heading to Japan for my debut in Tokyo, alongside Shanghai and other Asia dates. Check my Facebook for more info

You’re a rising star in the European scene, how would introduce yourself and your style to people who haven’t yet heard?
I’m a House DJ. I love energy and feel good music, be it a wicked bass line, catchy vocal or infectious piano hook.

You’re performing in London this week at Ministry, looking forward to the show?
100%. The Gallery Club puts on the mightiest of events at Ministry. Being able to rock ‘The Box’ which I class as the best DJ booth in the world, is a huge privilege.

As a DJ you’ve smashed the Asian market and you’re now making serious waves in the wider scene. How did you start out and what meant you exploded in Asia?
I’ve been involved in Asia tours for about 10 yrs. What started as just a one-off show, led to repeat bookings and introductions to other promoters and venues. Over the years I’ve built more and more regular spots, making the perfect foundation for regular trips. Networking really is the key here.

In your mind is there much difference in the scene in Europe compared to the Asian scene?
The main difference I see is the huge investment in the Asia market. They’re building super club after super club right now, which makes for incredible shows.

What are your favourite places to perform over that part of the world? What makes them special?
I have so many favourites for different reasons, so it’s hard to pick one! Bali was the first Asia gig for me, so that will always be very special. Singapore is beautiful, Hanoi mind-blowing, Bangkok confusing! Literally, every destination has some quirk which is why it’s so special when cramming them all into a quick tour.

Performing regularly on the other side of the world must come with some cons, how do you keep yourself sane with the long distance travels and time away from home?
As a husband and father of two daughters, the two worlds couldn’t be further apart. Whilst it can be very hard leaving them, most of my trips are just a few days, rather than weeks. We are also lucky to live in an online world, so you never feel that far away with a quick facetime or 10...!

If you could play anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?
As much as I’d love to hit a stage at Ultra, Tomorrowland or in-fact Burning man, a sunset party surrounded by a small group of house heads on a remote Maldive Isle would be perfect right now.

What are you most in love with right now?
My wife and two girls. That answer will never change.

If you could fill a swimming pool with anything what would that be and why?
Gin, lime and tonic. Imagine trying to swim a length in that.

Henry Hacking performs at Ministry this Friday, the 11th October alongside Mike Williams and more - last remaining tickets

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