Guestlist Chats Classic Jump-Up With Jaxx

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 9th October 2019 | Tom

Hemel Hempstead based Jaxx is most certainly one young producer who has been firing heavyweight shots across the drum and bass scene for some time now. With a barrage of hits across a number of reputable imprints including Natty Dub, Cre8dnb, Switch and his own Train Recordings, Jaxx is an artist who has really taken things up a gear in 2019.


His most recent work, the “Live Your Life EP” on Co-Lab Recordings comprises of 4 weighty rollers in that late 1990s Jump-up style that has become the trademark for one of the scene's most promising talents. Definitely a must have release for any fan of the Bristol-esque Full Cycle sound, Jaxx is without a doubt a producer who is worth keeping an ear to the ground for for years to come.



Fitting in with vibe of the release Guestlist caught up with Hemel Hempstead's newest Drum and Bass protege to get the lowdown on his top 5 classic Jump-up tunes.



DJ Die 'Slideaway' This is possibly my favourite Drum & Bass tune ever, definitely in my top 5 for sure, I just love the groove of this track and the way it sounds, a truly timeless roller.



Suv – 'Output' An epic classic, one of the first true wobble bass tunes.



Heist - 'Don’t hold back' I used to hear this tune in sets and always loved the pure energy and Heists trademark drum trickery.



Hazard - 'Platinum shadows' I was going out raving a lot around the time Hazard was testing this track in his sets. I will always remember hearing it in Hidden for the first time and thinking WTF?!



Taxman - 'Scan Darker' This was one of the first records I owned on wax and used to kane this riddim every set.



Jaxx's epic 'Live Your Life EP' is available now from Junodownload.


Jaxx - Soundcloud - Facebook - Twitter


Co-Lab Recordings - Soundcloud - Facebook - Twitter