Egg LDN resident Luther Vine's top DJ Rush tunes

House | Thursday 3rd October 2019 | Arren

Phonica’s go-to man behind the counter, Luther Vine selects 5 essential Rush tracks ahead of his headline show at Egg LDN this weekend.

Rush is one of the arguable one of Chicago’s most revered techno producers. Perfectly merging the sonic styles of his native Chicago with his current home of Berlin. Advocating hard techno pushing heavy percussion and a fast pace sound reaching beyond 140bpm. He’s become a proper story teller behind the decks with his approach that he describes as “Not letting the music control me, but letting the music guide me”.

Over the years Rush has released so many tunes, which gets Phonica’s go-to man Luther Vine seal of approval. So much so that he’s sorted out this quality list of tunes from Rush’s discography ahead of their performances at Egg LDN this weekend. This one’s not for the faint hearted!!

Make’n Love - DJ Rush

Hypnotic & wonky early morning business from 1997 on Swiss label Mental Groove Records

Pop Lock - DJ Rush

Epic raw Chicago techno here. Tough swinging drums underpinned by synth stabs and haunting strings. Released back in 1997 on Force Inc Music Works.

This Is My Life & This Is How I Feel - DJ Rush

Released back in 1996 on UK techno label Cosmic Records, run by Steve Bicknell & Sheree Rashit. Drum heavy and driving yet somewhat soulful, powerful 90s gear.

I Control The Base - Rush & Sneo

An old classic with Eric Sneo, the vocal might be considered a bit cheesy but it’s still a banger once the break is over!

Freaks On Hubbard (Dave Clarke Mix) - DJ Rush

Dave Clarke’s take on a Rush creation, turned out quite well! It’s fairly old but reliable, gets people going!

DJ Rush and Luther Vine both perform at Egg LDN this Saturday along with J.Fernandes - Tickets